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by David Turell @, Thursday, July 23, 2020, 15:43 (99 days ago) @ dhw

QUOTES: “..embryos are able to rid themselves of abnormal cells just before and soon after implantation into the uterus, thereby keeping the whole embryo healthy…."

“'It is remarkable that embryos can do this,” says Zernicka-Goetz. “It reflects their plasticity that gives them the power to self-repair.”

"The scientists found a double-protection mechanism. Not only are aneuploid cells detected and eliminated, but healthy cells are stimulated to proliferate, compensating for the loss of unhealthy cells. "

DAVID: Recognizing that these mistakes, errors, and damage can occur in any functional living creature, requires the foresight to create these corrective mechanisms in advance. There are no God errors, only His corrective mechanisms by carefully instructed cells to conduct error correction and repairs.

dhw: An alternative interpretation would be that over the billions of years, intelligent cells have cooperated in correcting errors as and when they appear – using the perhaps God-given “plasticity that gives them the power to self-repair”. It is clearly absurd to argue that God could not control or correct the errors in the system he created, but then he gave cells instructions on how to control or correct the errors he could not control or correct when he created the system!

"Clearly absurd" shows a total misunderstanding of the problem. Living biochemistry is an amazing development, whose origin is not understood. To repeat once again: the molecular reactions are at split-second speed, generally relying on function from specialized folding of organic molecules. Contrary to dhw's opinion it is amazing it works as well as it does. Ask any biochemist.

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