David's theory of evolution: God's error corrections II (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Monday, November 09, 2020, 14:34 (341 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: Your approach is to state God ran evolution but didn't design everyone!! Fine, so please tell me how God did it. You posit God gave organisms the ability to design the next steps, and that is how it works. That is a possible answer.

dhw: And that is all I ask: recognition that the theory of cellular intelligence is a possible explanation of how evolution works.


DAVID: Our difference here is my view of God, as in full control of His purpose, will directly design.

dhw: And that is precisely the problem emphasized by my bold. If his purpose was to directly design humans, why did he directly design millions of life forms and food supplies that have no direct connection with humans?

Again faulting God for taking all that time to evolve us. I believe God ran evolution as the CREATOR of reality.

DAVID: The bold is just silly. It is simple to recognize that if God is in change of evolution, He and it took the time to evolve humans over 3.8 billion years to make humans.

dhw: As usual, you gloss over the fact that you believe EVERY life form and every stage of humans was directly designed. And so I repeat the above bolded question.

No gloss. Belief. Again God did it wrong!!!

DAVID: You are simply questioning God's choice of method of creating humans. As for direct connection, many branches are not directly related to human formation. That is just part of creating the giant bush for food supply, an obvious need. We can trace the line from bacteria to humans. We all have the same DNA basis.

dhw: Yes, there must be one line from bacteria to humans. But there are thousands of lines from bacteria to other, extinct species, and you have agreed explicitly that 99% of “other species” and the bushes of the PAST have no connection with current species or the current bush for humans: “extinct life has no role in current times”.

The history of evolution makes sense to me. Bacteria to humans with a giant bush for food.

Transferred from “Theodicy”:

DAVID: God created history. History tells us what happened and you disagree with God's method of creating us. I view you as finding fault with Him and the method He used.

dhw: Yes indeed, history tells us what happened, and if God exists, he created it, but I am not disagreeing with God’s method of creating us and I am not finding fault with him or his method. I am disagreeing with your INTERPRETATION of God’s purpose and/or your INTERPRETATION of his method of achieving his purpose. And I disagree with you because you yourself can find no logical link between your INTERPRETATIONS of his purpose and his method, which is why you go on and on avoiding the bolded question.

The link is God exists and He chose to evolve us from bacteria. Your bold (by me) is an irrational point of view about me. I am perfectly content with that interpretation of God and His activities to produce us.

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