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by David Turell @, Friday, August 21, 2020, 19:40 (430 days ago) @ David Turell

In this study errors in mouse DNA were corrected by humans. If we can do it, God could certainly have edited DNA during evolution:

"Inserting genetic material into the body to treat diseases caused by gene mutations can work, scientists say—but getting those materials to the right place safely is tricky.

"Scientists report today in the journal Science Advances that the lipid-based nanoparticles they engineered, carrying two sets of protein-making instructions, showed in animal studies that they have the potential to function as therapies for two genetic disorders.

"In one experiment, the payload-containing nanoparticles prompted the production of the missing clotting protein in mice that are models for hemophilia. In another test, the nanoparticles' cargo reduced the activation level of a gene that, when overactive, interferes with clearance of cholesterol from the bloodstream.


"This work builds upon a collection of lipid-like spherical compounds that Dong and colleagues had previously developed to deliver messenger RNA. This line of particles was designed to target disorders involving genes that are expressed in the liver.

"The team experimented with various structural changes to those particles, effectively adding "tails" of different types of molecules to them, before landing on the structure that made the materials the most stable. The tiny compounds have a big job to do: embarking on a journey through the bloodstream, carrying molecules to the target location, releasing the ideal concentration of messenger RNA cargo at precisely the right time and safely degrading.

"The tests in mice suggested these particles could do just that.

Comment: If we can do it, it should be no problem for God.

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