David's theory of evolution: God's error corrections II (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Monday, October 12, 2020, 15:59 (376 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: If humans are the ultimate goal, then humans are the life form he wanted to design. So why did he design 3.x billion years’ worth of now extinct life forms which had nothing to do with humans?

DAVID: Simple conclusion: if God is in control of creation, study history to see what He did. He obviously used evolution to produce us.

dhw: Round we go. All we know from history is that there has been an ever changing bush of life containing millions of now extinct life forms, econiches, natural wonders etc., and humans appeared comparatively recently. For anyone who believes in God and in evolution, God obviously used evolution to produce every organism that ever lived. The rest of your post continues to evade the above bolded question, so let’s try once more to get rid of the digressions and to focus on the fundamental problem with your theory.

I do not reject God as the creator. I accept Adler’s logic and yours that humans are unique, may be seen as evidence of God’s existence, and may even have been a prime goal. I accept that if God exists, his method of creating ALL species was evolution. I do not accept that evolution means direct design. I do not accept that every extinct life form, econiche and natural wonder was “part of the goal of evolving (= directly designing) humans”. I do not accept that every extinct life form etc. provided food for humans before humans even existed. And so, bearing in mind that the vast bush of extinct life “plays no role in current time”, please answer these two questions: In what way was your God’s direct design of the brontosaurus “part of the goal of evolving (= directly designing) humans”, and in what way did it provide humans with food? If you can’t answer, please say so, and we can stop all this beating about the bush!

The brontosaurus is a step on the way to humans. It could not provide human foods as it disappeared 60+ million years ago, which points out the silliness of your question. Life's bush at that time offered energy for the brontosaurus, not for us. You keep forgetting evolution is a continuous process over enormous amounts of time. The only relation dinos have to us is in the continuum of evolution over time. Your statement and all your previous mistaken objections compresses the time relationship. You disbelieve God designed evolution and I believe He did. We cannot cross that chasm of thought.

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