Let's study ID: giraffe plumbing: cognition (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Wednesday, November 10, 2021, 13:52 (24 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: The sentence I bolded is your illogical mantra. I accept that everything that has happened is God's work. You don't accept that starting point, and that is your problem.

dhw: Your usual dodge. Every theory I have offered you makes evolution into “God’s work”, because we are not arguing about God’s existence but about your interpretation of evolution if God does exist. You admit that you have no idea why he would choose the above method to achieve the above purpose, but still you try to wriggle out of it.

My position does not require wriggling. Evolution happened. Everything in our reality is God's creation. God created the evolutionary history, which ended with humans in control. They ere current and probably the final endpoint. Asv tehv endpoint, humans are/were his goal.

DAVID (under “fungus controls male flies”): You have finally understood my designer God makes new species in completely new forms (phenotypes) without precursor forms.
DAVID: You have forgotten my statement that all life forms use the same biochemistry when life started, but even that biochemistry evolved to more complex processes as more complex forms appeared.

dhw: Hardly forgotten, since I reminded you that evolution is development of body forms and not biochemical processes…

DAVID: Wrong: new biochemical processes have appeared through evolution, one obvious one is sexual reproduction.

dhw: You wrote: “Not illogical when evolution is understood to be stepwise development of more complex body forms.” And you also wrote that “We’re descended from bacteria because we use the same biochemical processes that produce life.” Now you say they are not the same processes. All very confused and confusing.

You confuse easily. Biochemistry and new body forms are both part of the same evolutionary process.

dhw: May I make a suggestion? Sexual reproduction may go back to when bacteria began to exchange genes. Evolution produced new methods of exchanging genes by way of new, more complex body forms. In any case, all this is a diversion from the fact that you believe we are descended from species which God created without precursors, which begs the question why, if his one and only purpose was to create humans, he did not create humans without precursors but instead created countless life forms that had no connection with humans.

Don't you realize God does what He wants to do. History tells you what He did.

dhw: As you say next:

DAVID: God wanted to design all the species He did design or they wouldn't be here.

dhw: If he exists, and if he deliberately designed each one, then of course he wanted them to be here. And that is why it is illogical to say that he deliberately designed all those that had no connection with humans, if he only wanted to design humans (plus food).

DAVID: Again your reference to your humanized God who can't wait to have humans appear.

dhw: Why should your own humanized God “wait” if he has only one purpose and possesses the powers to fulfil it directly, as per Cambrian? You don’t know. I should “go and ask God”. If you can’t find any logic in your theory, then maybe part of your theory is wrong.

You request that I understand God's choice to evolve us. I don't/can't know His thoughts. Your request is illogical in itself. If evolution happened, God did it is simple logic when one believes in God.

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