Let's study ID (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Thursday, August 05, 2021, 22:13 (368 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: How can you question my interpretation? Simply, God is on charge of creating everything. Humans evolved from bacteria, therefore God evolved humans from bacteria. No one can possibly know why God chose to evolve us as His method of achieving that goal.

dhw: If your all-powerful God’s one and only purpose was to design humans and their food, why did he specially design vast numbers of life forms that had no connection with humans and their food? THAT is the question you cannot answer and therefore keep dodging,

I'm sorry, but please understand, I've answered fully to my satisfaction, if not yours. Your problem is the issue of humans as a main goal or purpose. Adler wrote a whole book taken from his talks on the subject, and is/was accepted by hoards of believers, one of whom gave me the book as a gift. So to repeat, it is your problem, not mine. And not worth answering further, as no progress can be made to make you see that interpretation from the facts.

Privileged planet
DAVID: The Earth evolved to its present state over time. The universe evolved to its present state after the BB. Life evolved from simple Archaea. Our reality has appeared to reach its present state by processes of evolution. If God is in charge He uses evolution to reach His goals.

dhw: If God exists, your logic is impeccable. It is only when you start telling us your version of his goal (only one according to you: humans plus their food and then trying to link that goal with your version of the history of evolution (special design of every single life form and food form that had no connection with his goal) that your logic falls apart.

DAVID: If you accept the exceptionality of humans, which philosophically makes us the goal, it is all logical.

dhw: How on earth do you come to the “philosophical”, “logical” conclusion that our exceptional brains mean that your all-powerful God specially designed all forms of life and food in order to design us, although the vast majority of them had no connection with us?

As above, your brain is refusing to accept our logic derived from recognizing how very special we are compared to everything else alive or dead. Bed on Darwin-think evolution we don't belong here. We had to be specially designed.

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