Let's study ID: giraffe plumbing: cognition (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Saturday, November 06, 2021, 14:50 (28 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: We're descended from bacteria because we use the same biochemical processes that produce life.

dhw: You have just agreed with three exclamation marks that evolution entails changes of form, not of biochemical processes, and God creates new species (i.e. forms) without precursors, and you tell us that we are descended from just such new forms. If he created them separately (all this, of course, is assuming that he even exists), he could have created us separately. He didn’t. He not only created us in stages, but he also created countless other forms in stages, and most of them had no connection with what you say was his only goal, which was humans (plus food).

Don't you understand the other forms are the food! That is the connection. The huge human population requires the huge bush of life orgnaized into ecosystems.

dhw: When I ask you to explain why he didn’t fulfil his purpose directly, your answer is “No idea. Go and ask God”, followed up by “…my mind is not blank, but I don’t know, and cannot know, why God chose to evolve us. Logical!!!” What you simply refuse to acknowledge is the possibility that if you can’t find a logical explanation, your theory might be wrong!

I don't need the missing logic you seek. God does what He wants for His reasons and I accept that.

DAVID (under “Sponges”): The logic you abhor is that God chose to evolve us in small steps of form. The logic comes from the recognition that God can do anything He wishes for His own reasons.

dhw: Why do you keep ignoring the logic I abhor, which is bolded above and below? All we know is that we and all other life forms evolved in small steps of form (apart from those that you say were created separately), and so this logically casts doubt on your claim that we were your God’s only purpose. But if we really were his purpose, I have even offered you explanations to explain the rest, and you acknowledge that they too are logical.

They are logical only if I accept your very humanized God, remember?. Your dodge is to ignore my position.

Fungus controls male flies

DAVID: God speciates and produced us from the start of life in bacteria, producing new forms stepwise until we appeared.

dhw: How can you say he produced us from the start of life if he only started the process of producing us when you say he produced the new Cambrian species that had no precursors? And why do you keep omitting your belief that he also produced all the other life forms that had no connection with us, although we were his only goal?

The issue of form precursors is your weird new straw man. Darwin and I know the Cambrian gap is a body form gap. Why don't you.

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