Let's study ID (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Wednesday, September 01, 2021, 20:20 (345 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: [...] Humans need lots of food that must be present now with our huge population.

dhw: But that does not explain why he specially designed countless PAST life forms and their foods if his only goal was to design the present us and our present foods. STOP DODGING!

DAVID: No dodge. God in charge evolved humans from bacteria. I don't know why you have accepted that premise in the past and then become so confused when I state I think humans were God's intended final endpoint of His management of the process of evolution.

dhw: There is no confusion on my part. According to you, God in charge evolved humans and every other life form, natural wonder, econiche, lifestyle etc. from bacteria. But by “evolve” you mean specially design. And so it makes no sense to claim, as you do, that your God’s one and only goal was to evolve humans and their food, if he also specially designed countless life forms etc. that had no connection with humans. In your attempt to sow confusion, you then pretend that all the past life forms etc. were part of the necessary food supply for current humans, as below:

DAVID: […] all that came before had to come before.

dhw: […] I am questioning your claim that the countless life forms and foods that had no connection with humans “had to come before” humans and their food. Why, if his one and only goal was to design humans and their food? You simply go on and on dodging the issue.

DAVID: Once again distorting my God into extreme tunnel-vision to sit your debating purposes which devolves into a totally illogical view of the necessary human food supply.

dhw: The extreme tunnel vision is yours, when you claim that all life forms “were part of the goal of evolving [= designing] humans” and their food supply. Once again: how can they all have been part of that goal if the vast majority had no connection with humans and their food supply?

DAVID: You have no argument if you accept that God evolved humans from bacteria, discussing at the theistic level where God exists.

dhw: Your final dodge is to ignore the question.

You refuse to follow my reasoning: God, in charge, designed humans starting with bacteria (Archaea) and designed each subsequent more complex stage until current humans were formed. This looks like what we call evolution with common descent. Each huge bush is necessary food supply, smaller in size earlier and very large now to accommodate the population now. It is all connected through God's actions/ designs. This is no dodge. You simply suggest God should have gone straight away and made humans. That is obviously what you suggest by your illogical questions.

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