Let's study ID: giraffe plumbing (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Monday, September 20, 2021, 14:42 (330 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: I have no idea why you discount a stepwise development, since every ancestor of every species must have survived until it changed its form. Since you believe in common descent, your theory is presumably that your God preprogrammed the development of the long neck 3.8 billion years ago, along with every other innovation and strategy [see the opossum article], or popped in to perform operations on each successive ancestor (and we shouldn’t forget that according to you, every step was “part of the goal of evolving [= designing] humans” and their food). An alternative might be that the intelligent cell communities of each ancestor produced the changes in response to conditions which made long necks an aid to survival. (And of course cellular intelligence may have been designed by your God.)

DAVID: As you might expect I went back to the Darwinist-very-slanted article:

As if somehow the very mention of Darwin means it couldn’t be true!

DAVID: "These two ancestral families both had the beginnings of the extreme neck lengthening that is seen in the modern Giraffidae." Yes anatomically, lengthening must have happened at some point, but the discussion about the plumbing-production problems is totally unanswered!!! Your amazing skew is showing. With the giant gap in precursor neck length the problem is unanswered. Even if intermediate forms appeared with one-foot increases in neck size, the plumbing adaptations had to have been in place simultaneously. As a cardiologist the giraffe is dear to my heart. You have no answer as there is none known to man.

dhw: Nobody knows how evolution works anyway, and that is why we can only offer theories.But of course the “plumbing” would have changed as the neck length changed – otherwise the pre-giraffe would not have survived. If 3.8 billion years ago your God could provide the first cells with a programme to be passed on for the future lengthening and plumbing (along with every other evolutionary change plus lifestyle plus strategy), or if he stepped in to perform the complete operation on a few sleeping pre-giraffes (as you think he did with every other unprogrammed evolutionary change plus lifestyle plus strategy), then why couldn’t he have given the respective cell communities the wherewithal (intelligence and flexibility) to cooperate in doing the same?

I have presented a very complex plumbing problem for the long giraffe neck that required very many coordinated biological alterations, all which must be acquired simultaneously. And your platitudinous response is smart cells can do it, if God gave them the ability. So your real answer is God is required!!!!

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