Let's study ID (Introduction)

by dhw, Thursday, July 29, 2021, 06:59 (376 days ago) @ David Turell

Taken from: Specific organs protection
dhw: So now you have your God popping in every few thousand years to change legs to flippers, and reorganize breathing, sex, birth and defence mechanisms – all BEFORE the poor creatures had any problem with their breathing, sex, birth and enemies. And each pop was part of his goal to design humans who weren’t even there! May I suggest that when whales entered the water, all these changes came about in stages to improve the animals’ chances of survival and NOT as advance operations even before there were any problems? […]

DAVID: Remember I have god is charge of all stages of evolution. Each stage is fully prepared to handle living at that particular stage of evolutionary development. Think of eight/nine whale stages we know, each living at that stage of development into full functional whales.

I do indeed remember, and I remember that you have your God performing all these operations in anticipation of new problems – e.g. he changes legs to flippers before the pre-whale enters the water. So as I said above, he keeps popping in before they have any trouble breathing, copulating, giving birth and fighting new enemies. And he had to do all that before he could fulfil his one and only goal of designing humans plus lunch. And all these improvements (e.g. in ways of producing offspring and fighting enemies) apparently had nothing to do with the survival of the species. So please remember the alternative: that all these changes took place because each of them was a RESPONSE to existing conditions and enabled successive pre-whales to survive more efficiently in their watery home.


DAVID: How do the tomato plants learn to produce noxious chemicals? My point is still the Darwinist magical solutions as in the article […]

dhw: I can’t answer your question, and I don’t suppose anyone else can. Please tell me what is the “Darwinist” magical answer, and why is it more magical than an unknown, sourceless intelligent mind popping in to give tomatoes courses in noxious chemical production? Meanwhile, why do you ignore all the questions I have asked above?

DAVID: Not ignored. Elsewhere I've said survival doesn't drive evolution. Insects have to eat. All of living folks have to have energy, remember?

And why do they have to eat/have energy, if the reason is not to survive? And when food is short, why do you think they look elsewhere, and develop new means of acquiring food, and why do you think their potential foods devise ways of defending themselves, if not to survive? Do you really think God says to himself: “I gotta change all these organisms ‘cos otherwise I shan’t be able to design David Turell & Co plus lunch?”

DAVID: Once insects are here, God didn't make them choose to eat tomatoes. They did it on their own. What God did was give the tomatoes some protection.

And God said: “Them insects is out of my control – though I have total control over everything – so I’m gonna protect them tomatoes, because otherwise I won’t be able to design David Turell & Co plus lunch.”

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