Let's study ID (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Friday, September 17, 2021, 15:36 (334 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: The question is why, if his one and only purpose was to design us and our food, did he design all the extinct life forms that had no connection with our food? You have no answer, and so you advised me to ask God.

DAVID: My answer is unacceptable to you, but entirely logical to me. God chose to evolve us over time.

dhw: It is unacceptable because it does not answer the bolded question!

The bolded question is a totally unreasonable request. I can't read God's mind but history is obvious. God evolved us, so He must have chosen to do that for His own unknown reasons.

DAVID: As usual you have presented your views of a God who wanders along without direct purpose…

dhw: Your usual total distortion of what I offer. A free-for-all that he can enjoy creating and watching is a direct purpose. Experimenting to find the right formula for a creature that could mimic himself is a direct purpose.

DAVID: Only if you envision a God who starts without purposes.

dhw: I have just given you two purposes, and you say I envision a God without purposes!

Experimentation and free-for-all says your imagined God had no specific goals, so where is the purpose in creation? My God has goals to produce.

DAVID: Your humanized God makes your theories logical, but you split up God's works into two unrelated forms: precise and wandering. How inconsistent of you.

dhw: There is no wandering. Both free-for-all and experimentation are precise.

DAVID: A God without controls or plans is not the God I see.

dhw: There is no wandering. In your piece on theodicy you have him losing control (“Errors are spontaneous. Not God’s doing”), and if what he plans is a free-for-all, clearly he WANTS to cede control!

Go look at that thread for my answer, God's system is full of editing mechanisms to prevent errors. You have trouble reading God's mind and intentions. Your skewed approach shows.

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