Let's study ID: giraffe plumbing (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Monday, September 27, 2021, 15:03 (315 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: Darwin thought itty-bitty steps evolved species. Same non-answer. Gaps demonstrate large design changes intelligent cells can not create.

dhw: Gaps demonstrate the absence of fossils, or a period when there were no new species (Gould’s punctuated equilibrium). How itty-bitty is itty-bitty? It might take many generations for large design changes to perfect themselves (I’m thinking of legs becoming flippers), but even the Cambrian offers millions of years and generations for such changes to take place.

Strange illogical point in bold: the start of the Cambrian had all sorts of new forms without precursors. The start is the gap. The million of years afterward are window dressing.

dhw: And please remember that each stage will still be a fully formed organism - pre-whales could still have swum with legs that had become less leggy. I don’t know what special knowledge you have that makes you so certain about the potential capabilities of cells.

Cells only potential is to do their assigned jobs.

Immunity system complexity

dhw: (RE God’s “instructions”): Please be more precise. Did your God leave them a note to say: RESPOND QUICKLY. Or did he leave them a list of instructions on what changes to make to themselves in order to meet every new challenge for the rest of life’s history? Or did he simply leave them with the autonomous ability to work out how to respond to new challenges as and when they arose?

DAVID: He gave them ability to recognize invaders and how to stop/kill them by implanting full instructions for the methodology. Cells don't/can't think.

dhw: So they autonomously recognize invaders, and then what? They have a library of instructions on how to kill every new invader for the rest of history, and all they have to do is choose the booklet that says: COVID-19? I wonder what went wrong.

DAVID: Immune cells are built/designed to automatically make new antibodies against newly-appearing invading organisms.

dhw: I know what immune cells do. I’m asking you how your God “instructs” them to do it. With a library of instructions to choose from, or does he keep popping in to tell them what to do as and when each new invader arrives on the scene? Please answer.

Immunity appeared during evolution, or there would not have been any evolution. The immune cells have all the instructions they need to meet new invaders

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