Let's study ID: giraffe plumbing: cognition (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Wednesday, October 27, 2021, 15:35 (31 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: The continuity is in the biochemical processes creating life present in the first Archaea.

dhw: ALL forms of life are the result of biochemical processes, but (a) that does not mean that all forms of life were “part of the goal of evolving [= designing] humans” and their food! And (b) you have not explained the above contradiction.

Our difference is I accept that God created all reality. Humans are here, therefore He wanted us

Immunity system complexity

DAVID: I agree. I have my view and you yours. One is correct. I'll stay with mine.

dhw: Thank you. From now on I trust you will cease to claim that cellular intelligence is an outdated theory, that cognition means automaticity, and that the automatic implementation of decisions somehow proves that the decisions themselves are automatic.

Cellular intelligence is your adopted theory. I fully believe cells are not.

Common design

QUOTE: "Neo-Darwinism led evolutionists to assume that most of our DNA would prove to be junk left over from evolution's trial-and-error process [etc.]

dhw: Dealt with over and over again: Darwin’s principle of natural selection explains why what is useful is preserved.

DAVID: Except junk meant random for 50 years, thus was discarded random mutations supporting Darwin.

dhw: Do you or don’t you accept the argument that useful DNA confirms the process of natural selection, as above?

Your point does not get rid of atheist/Darwinist use of 'junk' 50-year history. Larry Moran is still a diehard declaring it.

dhw: Your problem is the two gross contradictions at the start of this post. [See below]

DAVID: Continuity of biological processes is the answer.

dhw: As above: all life entails biological processes, but that does not mean all life serves the purpose of fulfilling your God’s alleged single goal of producing humans, and it does not explain how humans can be descended from bacteria if they are descended from life forms which your God created de novo, i.e. without any precursors.

Because God created them. Gaps of form disprove Darwin. He never heard of biochemistry.

dhw: Of course the gaps are in form. How does that explain your two gross contradictions? And since you believe that your God created humans, do you consider all human designs to be useless and secondhand? If in your theology your God gave us the autonomous power of design, why do you denigrate design by autonomous cells if he gave them the same autonomous ability as he gave us?

Of course He created cells that produce as if self-intelligent. Still 50/50, with only one interpretation correct.

DAVID: Same reliance on a misinterpretation of automatic processes in cells. ID and the appearance of intelligence are two sides of the same coin.

dhw: Off you go again, ignoring the difference between automatic implementation of decisions and the so far unexplained, mysterious process which leads to the decisions and which some scientists both past and present attribute to cognitive intelligence. But I agree that direct design by God and direct design by cells are two sides of the same coin. All the more reason why you should not pretend that you know your own 50/50 theory is correct.

And remember you have agreed that one of us is wrong.

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