Let's study ID (Introduction)

by dhw, Thursday, September 09, 2021, 11:47 (45 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: What needs to be explained is why, if your all-powerful God’s one and only goal was to evolve [=design] us plus our food, he first evolved [designed] countless life forms and foods that had no connection with us. You have said you don’t know why and I should ask him. How can it be ”perfectly logical” if you can’t explain it? I have a feeling I have asked this question before, but I don’t seem to have had an answer.

DAVID: I have answered many times: God chose the method of sequential design from Archaea to humans as His way of finally creating us. I cannot know His underlying thoughts/reasons for doing it that way. It is a perfectly logical assumption about an all-powerful God. Why does the inability to read His mind make my conclusion illogical? As usual your bolded query implies He should have directly created us.

You have dodged the question the same way countless times, and I suppose you think the more times you do so, the more convincing it becomes. Anyone who believes in evolution will accept that humans evolved “sequentially” from bacteria. And they will also believe that all other multicellular organisms evolved “sequentially” from bacteria. But if God’s one and only purpose was to evolve [by which you mean design] humans plus food, why would he have evolved [= designed] countless life forms plus food that had no connection with humans? Of course one would have expected an all-powerful God who has a single purpose to fulfil it directly, but he didn't, so where is the logic in your answer that you don’t know why, and I should ask God? If you can't find any logic in this theory, and you think your God's logic is like ours,then maybe your theory is wrong.

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