Let's study ID (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Tuesday, August 03, 2021, 17:32 (377 days ago) @ dhw

The immune system

DAVID: God chose to evolve all living things in stages of development, which fits the history.

We agree that the history is that all living things developed in stages. It is your theory that your God chose to design each and every stage individually (although his one and only purpose was to design humans and their food). I asked WHY you think your all-knowing, all-powerful God chose this method, rather than design each species straight away, but you can’t give me a reason.

The bold is yo0ur totally illogical thought. History tells us evolution advanced over time in stages. so that is what God did.


DAVID: You constantly ignore the error in your illogical complaint. If 'all He wanted was humans', your complaint, that infers He should have directly done just that. But that is not history.

dhw: No, it’s not history, and that is why I ask you to provide a logical reason why he chose not to fulfil directly what you believe to have been his one and only reason for creating life.

History shows us that every aspect of our reality evolved from a start. Therefore God prefers to evolve His goals. I can't explain His preference, can you?

DAVID: And you have never denied the observation that approaching eight billion humans requires a huge evolutionary bush of food supply.

dhw: Of course not. But that does not explain why your God individually designed vast numbers of now extinct life forms and their food which had no connection with humans and their food supply.

You are still denying we evolved, so that is what God did.

DAVID: Any thinking God could see that big brained humans would develop that type of huge population.

dhw: What does that have to do with your God designing vast numbers of now extinct life forms that had no connection with humans or their food supply?

Those extinct branches lead to the huge current bush with food for all.

DAVID: Do you see your tunnel vision of God?

dhw: No. I have offered several visions of your God and of evolution, all of which you agree fit in logically with the history. Only your tunnel vision (your all-powerful God’s only goal was humans plus food, and therefore he designed lots of life forms and foods that had no connection with humans and their food) remains inexplicable.

Inexplicable to only you. God used stepwise evolution as a method, obviously.

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