Let's study ID: giraffe plumbing (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Friday, October 15, 2021, 16:18 (43 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: Same foolish response. You are interpreting God's wishes from known events He produced.

dhw: The known events are all forms of life, including those that had no connection with humans (plus our food). You interpret these as evidence that, although according to you your God designed them all individually, his only "wish" (previously known as purpose) was to design humans (plus our food). Your interpretation makes no sense even to you (“Go and ask God”).

We do not know how many wishes God had. We know of the obvious human one. I am fully happy with my interpretations even if you tell me I don't make sense to myself. The lack of sense is yours.

Immunity system complexity

dhw: You’ve seen the results of all the research in your crystal ball, have you? None of the studies have stated that it is all automatic, no thought involved, although no doubt many researchers share your views on automaticity even if they don’t share your erratic belief that your God did or didn’t preprogramme or give instructions for each new antibody.

DAVID: God did his programming. Your response is wildly erratic to protect your pet cell intelligence theory. I look at whole organ automatic function in which programmed cells act as if intelligent.

dhw: You have agreed that your God did not preprogramme every single new antibody to kill every single new invader for the whole of life’s history. (Each new antibody is added to the library without your God’s intervention, remember?) If he exists, what he would have designed is the MEANS whereby cells recognize and counter the threat posed by new invaders.

Exactly. Transplant rejection problems must show you our cells know 'same' from foreign.

dhw: It is your fixed belief that although cells then act ”as if intelligent”, they are not intelligent, and your explanation is that your God provided a programme or “instructions”, but when asked for details you simply repeat the PROCESS and repeat that you know the apparently intelligent behaviour is automatic.

The brain entry today shows you how difficult it is to know exactly how any process of controls works. I can't give you your strawman 'details' of God's antibody programmed process. I can simply tell you the immune system always recognizes invasion and always produces new antibodies in the same way by adding the same proteins to new antigens (invaders). The new difference is only the reference protein of the new invader. All constantly automatic.

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