Let's study ID (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Thursday, August 19, 2021, 15:19 (362 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: Yes bushes branch off and we are the end point of a specific branch. However all branches are connected at the roots, the start of life.

dhw: Thank you for agreeing with my first bold.

DAVID: And all the branches are providing food for everyone in every branch.

dhw: Where do you get that from? Have you forgotten that the history of life comprises countless branches, most of which are extinct? Are you once more trying to twist language to show that every branch in life’s history provided food for humans? Please don’t even try.

Why don't you recognize evolution has a past, a present, and perhaps a future? We are discussing the useful presence of current branches that feed all living forms.

DAVID: All life must have new energy so necessary food supply is present as God planned it. You just don't like God's planning for the huge present human population He saw coming.

dhw: How does planning food for all the life forms that had no connection with humans suddenly become planning food for humans? FOOD FOR THE PAST WAS FOR THE PAST, AND EXTINCT LIFE HAS NO ROLE IN CURRENT TIME. How often must I repeat your own statements? Please stop playing these silly games.

My statement is correct. From above: " We are discussing the useful presence of current branches that feed all living forms."

DAVID: Oh, I forgot, your God is not sure of where he is going so He experiments.

dhw: Experimenting is only one of my alternatives, but at least it explains why your God might have specially designed all the life forms and foods which you keep telling us were part of his one and only goal of designing humans although they had no connection with humans.

You distort God's goal as singular. Humans are/were the planned endpoint. In my view evolution has ended. The current bush is the final bush.

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