Let's study ID (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Wednesday, July 28, 2021, 18:57 (376 days ago) @ dhw

Taken from: Specific organs protection
dhw: So now you have your God popping in every few thousand years to change legs to flippers, and reorganize breathing, sex, birth and defence mechanisms – all BEFORE the poor creatures had any problem with their breathing, sex, birth and enemies. And each pop was part of his goal to design humans who weren’t even there! May I suggest that when whales entered the water, all these changes came about in stages to improve the animals’ chances of survival and NOT as advance operations even before there were any problems?

DAVID: I can't imagine a pre-whale landlubber floundering around in the water happily thinking to himself, "I'm going to be a whale". My God made each stage all at once at the start of each stage, fully prepared for a new style of life.

dhw: I imagine the pre-whale thinking to himself: “If I stay on land, I’m gonna starve to death. There’s food in the water, and I’m gonna get it.” Although not the best of swimmers, he could swim well enough to survive, and as time went by, the cell communities – as they so often do – restructured the legs of the increasingly maritime animal in order to adapt them to the new way of life. Ditto every other recorded stage in the evolution of the whale. I don’t know what you mean by “all at once at the start of each stage”. How can stages mean all at once? And how can each stage make the animal “fully” prepared if there are more stages to come?

Remember I have god is charge of all stages of evolution. Each stage is fully prepared to handle living at that particular stage of evolutionary development. Think of eight/nine whale stages we know, each living at that stage of development into full function al whales.

DAVID: You are still blind to the Darwinism magic solutions. In my view those tomatoes arrived with defense mechanisms.

dhw: What magic solutions? Did Darwin even know about these tomatoes? Do tell us the point of defense mechanisms if it is not to defend organisms against threats to their SURVIVAL? And tell us why your God found it necessary to design the insects to attack the tomatoes and to defend the tomatoes against them, when all he wanted to do was design humans and their lunch. Couldn’t he have found a better way to feed the insects than to threaten our salad through a shortage of tomatoes? May I suggest that only when organisms’ survival is threatened to do they design counter-measures?

DAVID: How do the tomato plants learn to produce noxious chemicals? My point is still the Darwinist magical solutions as in the article, and please note I said nothing about Darwin, himself, who didn't know what he didn't know. My dislike is for his acolytes.

dhw: I can’t answer your question, and I don’t suppose anyone else can. Please tell me what is the “Darwinist” magical answer, and why is it more magical than an unknown, sourceless intelligent mind popping in to give tomatoes courses in noxious chemical production? Meanwhile, why do you ignore all the questions I have asked above?

Not ignored. Elsewhere I've said survival doesn't drive evolution. Insects have to eat. All of living folks have to have energy, remember? Once insects are here, God didn't make them choose to eat tomatoes. They did it on their own. What God did was give the tomatoes some protection .

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