David's theory of evolution Part Two (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Friday, May 01, 2020, 20:35 (181 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: It does to me if we take it that God is totally in charge as He evolves Earth, and as He evolves life when the earth is ready for each stage.

dhw: “Evolve” for you now means hands-on direct design.

I've always stated God speciated. Why are you surprised? A designer designs!!!!

dhw: Your answer does not explain why your all-powerful, always-in-control God directly designed all those non-human life forms etc. and then destroyed them, if all he wanted to do was directly design H. sapiens. Previously you have said you have no idea why he chose this method, but now it makes sense to you, so please let me into the secret.

It has always made sense to me. God chose to evolve humans starting with bacteria, and I have no idea why God did it that way. It was His choice. It makes no sense to you because you view God from a humanizing viewpoint

DAVID: That doesn't answer my objections to giving Him human purposes. He is not human, surely understands our emotions and may not have them Himself.

dhw: But you said he probably does have them (later it was possibly), and since none of us can actually KNOW the truth, we can only offer theories based on possibilities. I repeat: it is absurd to reject a theory on the grounds that although something is probable/possible, it may not be true.

You can invent all sorts of possibilities, without knowing the real truth.

DAVID: You refuse to accept the idea God evolved life until He got to us as a final step.

dhw: That does not explain why he designed all those species and then destroyed them! With my theist hat on, of course I accept the idea that God evolved life and that we are the last step so far. I do not accept that God directly designed every extinct life form, econiche etc., or that he did so for the sole purpose of keeping life going until he directly designed us. Please stop glossing over the bits of your theory that I am challenging!

I gloss over nothing. God created the history of evolution and allowed/caused all the exterminations. As for your problem, remember, the Earth has a finite size and needs to keep room for each new stage, now well over seven billion humans. Simple answer: make room!!

DAVID: You accept design which keeps you from atheism, and your mind, contaminated by religious teachings in your youth, has you make fun of my views of God.

dhw: The religious teaching I received was that God was hands on: he directly created humans and all the animals that were to serve humans. Just like your theory, which I keep questioning. It never actually mentioned evolution at all, let alone any explanation as to why an all-powerful God (also your theory) would directly create and then destroy millions and millions of life forms etc. BEFORE making humans and the animals that were to serve them. Please stop trying to defend your illogical theory by concocting silly stories about me. But I am not making fun of your views of God. I am using every means possible to explain why I find them unreasonable, I ask you to explain the illogicalities but you can’t, and I offer you alternatives which even you agree are logical but reject for the illogical reason that although God probably/possibly has thought patterns like ours, he doesn’t.

DAVID: All I've started with is there must by a greater power. The rest is all in my imagination as to how it must work as an unimaginably powerful mind.

dhw: Yes, your theory of evolution is pure imagination, and the function of this website is to discuss all the imaginings (nobody knows the truth) to see whether or not they make sense.

My view of a greater power comes from my decision that there must be a mind that does all the biological designs. it is the same thought that keeps you agnostic, which I find totally illogical. We are not far apart!!

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