David's theory of evolution (Evolution)

by dhw, Saturday, October 05, 2019, 11:22 (386 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: […] Your interpretation of God’s “choices”, as the quotes make perfectly clear, is that he is in total control, had only one aim, decided not to fulfil it for 3.X billion years, and therefore had to specially design every non-human life form, lifestyle and natural wonder in order to cover the time he had decided to take. THAT, as shown by your own words, is the theory that I dispute!

DAVID: Since you accept God is in control and evolved all of life's bush, I don't understand how you can dispute my theory which is taken directly from recorded history.

dhw: There is no recorded history telling us even that God exists, let alone that he maintains total control, had only one aim etc. etc. as bolded above! The only recorded history of life is that there has been a bush of different organisms extant and extinct!

DAVID: Our difference is I believe God is in charge of the history. Thus we will disagree.

If your God decided to invent a mechanism which would enable organisms to make their own designs (with the proviso that he could always dabble if he wanted to), he would still be “in charge”. Our difference is in the bold above, which apparently is only logical if we abandon human reasoning, as in this next exchange:

dhw: Your own guess is that your God’s “choice” is incomprehensible to human logic. However, you have agreed that your God “very well could think like us”, so at least my various alternative guesses have the merit of making sense to both of us.

DAVID: Yes they do at a human level of logic.

That is your only defence of your illogical guess: in order for it to be logical, we must abandon all human logic.

DAVID My 'no idea' simply means I don't guess at His reasons for his choices, not that I think it is illogical. I'm sure God is perfectly logical.

dhw: But you guess at his choices!

DAVID: But I don't guess. I take the position God is in charge and therefore the course of history mirror his choices.

The position you take is bolded above, and it is such a wild guess that you can only justify it by saying that we mustn’t apply human logic!

DAVID: I don't try to apply human logic to it […]

dhw: How do you know that human logic cannot be applied to your guess at your God’s choice if you haven’t tried to apply it?

DAVID: Note my statements about God's role, as I believe it.

I have noted them and I have replied to every single one of them. So do please tell us how you know that human logic cannot be applied to your guess at God’s choice, even though you acknowledge that God “very well could think like us.”

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