David's theory of evolution Part Two (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Friday, February 07, 2020, 02:11 (236 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: My simple non-convoluted reply is God simply chose to evolve humans which history states, since God is in change of making history.

dhw: History does not state that humans were his only goal, that he could create humans any way he wanted but chose not to create humans for 3.X billion years and instead…see above.

DAVID: Doesn't answer the point. Since God is on charge, and evolution arrived at humans by the method He chose, and as an endpoint, they are/were His goal.

dhw: If they really and truly were his goal right from the beginning, it is hardly unreasonable to ask why he “chose” not to produce them, but to produce millions of less unique life forms instead. You have no idea. Here are two possible explanations: he was experimenting; humans came as a late afterthought. Please don’t moan about humanizing, since you have acknowledged that he and we “probably have similar thought patterns and emotions”.

Your usual humanizing compliant. God knows what He wants to do. He is extremely purposeful as I view Him.

DAVID: I don't view a purposeful God as in any way human. He is God, not in any way a human person, per Adler. You thoughts about Him make Him fully human. God made us not to be automatons, so you note, we can produce evil acts by ourselves. We also have the brains to fight tornadoes and dangerous viruses which His processes have also produced. Ah, maybe He saw the needs and made sure the human brain could handle them, as I've noted in my books.

dhw: A non-answer. My thoughts can hardly make him fully human, unless you know of a human who can create universes and all sorts of living beings. I have used free will as an example of his deliberately sacrificing control. How does this make him “fully human”? If he willingly sacrificed control over animals like us, why does he become a lesser form of God by sacrificing control over the whole bush of life?

He obviously wished to give us free will as a part of full consciousness. He knew what was involved. As for 'fully human' was referring to the thought patterns you give Him.

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