David's theory of evolution Part Two (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Saturday, April 18, 2020, 20:55 (193 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: They are illogical to you because you do not see God as I do, nor have you accepted "The Difference of Man and the Difference it Makes". Nor do you seem to know the warnings Adler gives about imagining God personage:

dhw: I keep repeating that I accept the uniqueness of humans, and the argument for design, and I even offered you one explanation which made man God’s ultimate purpose. I couldn’t care less what Adler says about imagining God (see last paragraph below). If you are incapable of defending your own image of God’s nature, purpose and method in a theory which you tell me Adler does not even deal with, then it’s no use quoting Adler.

I guess no teacher ever taught you anything. When I decided to investigate theism, I knew I had to be taught how to do it. Adler, St. Thomas, Ed Feser and others. What did you do?

DAVID: Wrong conclusion. I said universe not humans.

dhw: Sorry, but I thought you thought your God’s sole purpose in creating the universe was to create humans. Please tell us what other purpose you think God may have had in creating the universe.

I don't know. Do you? We'll have to wait and see, but our lives won't allow it..

DAVID: I'm sure God is watching, at His own level of personal thought. ("Cellular controls of protein paths", 6th March @ 16.56)

dhw: Yep, you’re sure your hidden God is watching, but you ridicule the idea that he created life so that he could watch it.

A simple human purpose is all you can imagine.

DAVID: […] God watches what He created, but since He is the creator it is not a spectator but as an interested inventor. Spectators watch interesting spectacles, as you have stated God does. How human God is in your description, as usual.

dhw: […] I reckon inventors are human actually, and yes, I reckon an inventor would indeed want to watch how his invention worked. Your other image was the painter enjoying his paintings. Mine would be a playwright watching the actors perform the play. You are sure your God is watching. Good. And he created what he is watching. Good (no matter how he created it). What else do you think he’s doing other than watching the spectacle he created?

DAVID: Please read Adler!!! You do not know how to think about God.

dhw: Unless Adler has a direct line to God, may I put it to you that only God knows how we should think about him. But I do agree with you that if he exists, God possibly/probably has thought patterns etc. in common with us. What’s wrong with that? Meanwhile, I came across an interesting quote from the walking fish thread (23 January @ 22:25) I asked if you rejected Deism, and you replied: “To be honest, yes. I assume if he did all that creating He’d like to follow the results and as I view God as supremely purposeful, it is most likely he is still actively interested in what he produced. To do it and leave seems odd.” I’m not sure that Deists specify that he has left, but I’m happy with your “follow the results” and “actively interested”. Although he wouldn’t have to follow the results if he knew them already.

You've forgotten we have free will and can do the unexpected. even for God

"Balance of Nature" (QUOTE): "If we lose species, we lose unique ecological functions. This is a warning that we need to act now to reduce growing human pressures on marine megafauna, including climate change, while nurturing population recoveries.'"

DAVID: The importance of econiches (ecosystems) is again demonstrated. The current bush of life is required and anticipated by God as He evolved life on Earth.

dhw: No one could possibly say that econiches are not important for every single form of life that ever existed, including our own. How this proves that your God had to directly design 3.X billion years’ worth of extinct econiches in order to directly design the current bush of life remains the question which you have “no idea” how to answer.

Again the usual misinterpretation, as you ignore the reasoning from current facts: I don't know God's reasons before deciding to evolve humans over time. It is easy to guess He foresaw that once we arrived with our special giant brain, we would become a swarm all over the Earth and required a huge well-organized bush of econiches to give us the enormous food supply we needed.

Perhaps He has the power to create all of it at once, but in no situation has He done that. Why do I have to remind you He evolved the universe, the Earth, and us? His patterns are obvious if you open your mind and look.

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