David's theory of evolution Part Two (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Sunday, April 12, 2020, 21:47 (190 days ago) @ dhw
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DAVID: You never seem to realize your imagined self theism is always theism lite.

dhw: new escape route. You now accept that my theories were not “anything but God”, but they present possible views of God that are different from yours. Nothing to do with logic, and everything to do with your personal image of God, though you warn us not to even try and understand God’s reasons for doing what he does. Why do you regard a God who creates an unpredictable spectacle as “liter” than a God who creates a bushful of puppets?

Who are the bushful of puppets? You constantly apply human style thinking to what God has done. He may or may not think as you do, but my theistic view if God is that He has a lot more interest in His purposes than being a spectator. Again your God is very humanized

DAVID: We have a huge bush of life. Why does it exist? I have provided an answer which I think is correct. […] Can anyone think of a reason different than mine?

dhw: I would not question the article’s statement that our planet is deeply interconnected. It always has been, long before humans arrived. And when connections break, we get new connections and new econiches. That does not mean your God specially designed 3.X billion years’ worth of non-human econiches for the sake of humans who were not even there![/b]

DAVID: Again your theism lite: the bold tells us God didn't anticipate the humans he would eventually create!

dhw: Why would a food supply for non-humans tell us that God anticipated creating a food supply for humans? There is simply no connection. This latest escape route is even sillier than your previous one of “humanization”.

So now your view is God doesn't anticipate. Your escape is humanizing him.

DAVID: …. God is not revealed, remember? Reasoned faith tells me what He did and may still be silently doing. He is not just a spectator in your theism lite view.

dhw: If he exists, he doesn’t reveal himself, which is exactly the same as my saying there is no evidence that he is intervening. You are disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing. If he exists, what is he doing? Either watching or not watching! What is your definition of “heavy” and “lite”, and how do you know that your hidden God is one but not the other?

Short and simple. You are incapable of viewing God as I do. The quote from the other thread proves it: "The bold shows your incomplete understanding of true theism. God doesn't pop down from His heavenly throne !!! He is all around us all the time."

God lite is your humanized view. My 'heavy' God is seriously purposeful, knows exactly what He is doing, anticipates what He must provide for (as I explained for the giant bush), which you view as a spectacle! We are light years apart, a gulf that will not be crossed. Why do you constantly pick God apart from a human viewpoint? The problem is you do not recognize what you do wrong as a committed theist, because you don't know how to be one.

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