David's theory of evolution (Evolution)

by dhw, Friday, November 01, 2019, 10:29 (333 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: You did not explain why the above alternatives were anathema to you.

DAVID: They are humanized versions of how God might think or express purposes, as I implied.

dhw: And you have also agreed that your God “very well could think like us”, which means that my alternatives “very well” could be as valid as your own fixed belief, which is only logical “if one does not apply human reasoning to the actual history”.

DAVID: I've agreed human logic can invent your scenarios.

You have agreed that these particular scenarios provide a “humanly” logical explanation for the history of the bush of life if there is a God who created it, and that your God could well think in this manner. But you prefer your own explanation, which defies human logic.

DAVID: It doesn't defy human logic. […]

You force me to quote you. Referring to your theory: “Nothing illogical required if one does not apply human reasoning to the actual history.

dhw: Please tell me which of these points is a distortion:
1) You believe that your God specially designed every single new life form, lifestyle and natural wonder in the history of life.
2) His one and only purpose was to design H. sapiens.
3) He decided to delay fulfilling that purpose for 3.X billion years and therefore had to design the whole preceding bush of life in order to cover the time he had decided to take.
4) You have no idea why he decided to delay fulfilling his purpose for 3.X billion years.

DAVID: Usual distortions. It is obvious He chose to evolve us.

Your comment does not tell us which of these points is a distortion. Reminder: according to you, all the preceding life forms, econiches etc. were “interim goals to establish the necessary food supply to cover the time he knew he had decided to take” (i.e. before “evolving” H. sapiens, his sole purpose).

dhw: 5) Your explanation is perfectly logical, so long as we do not apply our human logic to the actual history of life.

DAVID: Same Distortion. I don't try to apply logic. I simply accept what He did as history shows us.

See the bolded quote above re logic. History shows us that there has been a a vast bush of life forms extinct and extant. History does not show us any of points 1-3, and you yourself have provided points 4-5.

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