David's theory of evolution Part Two (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Thursday, April 09, 2020, 19:43 (193 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID:Totally illogical. As God started with bacteria and the evolved a massive bush, necessary now….

dhw: Hold on! The massive bush contained billions of life forms, lifestyles, econiches, natural wonders etc. that are absolutely NOT necessary now. 99% died out! This is the whole problem with your theory. Why would a God with only one purpose and the ability to do it directly in any way he chooses, choose to spend 3.X billion years directly doing anything but what he wants to do?

Why do you deny that evolution from bacteria to bush is a step by step process that creates and then moves on from one level to the next. It is still your created problem. I see no issue. The mass of humanity today requires a huge bush for food. God foresaw this need. And in your humanizing approach you still don't understand a patient God

DAVID: ...your dismissing all those years, as unnecessary, for the time of creating it, makes no sense. I've ignored nothing! I've said, and you've ignored, God knew from the beginning the huge bush had to come first before we arrived to take over. All stated recently.

dhw: But you can’t think of a single reason why the huge bush of non-human life forms and econiches “had to” come first in order for your all-powerful God to directly design the only thing he wanted to design plus the necessary current econiches. What you are really saying is that God knew he had to do what David Turell thinks he had to do!

Now I'm not allowed to interpret God , with my logical reasons for God's giant bush.

dhw: Huge food supply for what? Fine if you want to stick to Genesis, with God specially designing the food supply needed for humans before he specially designed H. sapiens, but you don’t believe that, do you? You believe as I do that there were billions of other life forms which had nothing to do with supplying food for humans because they existed and died out billions of years before your God designed H. sapiens. The inconsistency is entirely yours.

The bolded comment is ridiculous. Of course I believe it!! You are denying the logical historical timed process of evolution all over again. It all starts with bacteria, which are still here and still required!!!

DAVID: ...accept the history as fact and interpret whatever one can from it, if one can. We cannot know God's underlying reasons for His obvious purpose, creating humans. It is always guess work, entertaining discussion , but nothing ever solid.

dhw: We are not discussing the reasons for his creating humans, whether they were his purpose or not! We are discussing his possible reasons for spending 3.X billion years directly creating anything but humans and their necessary food supply. Since you cannot find any, the “obvious” inference is that either H. sapiens was NOT his one and only purpose (though he might well have had the idea late on, as evolution progressed) or he needed to keep experimenting in order to hit on the right formula for creating a being with thought patterns, emotions and attributes similar to his own.

Same old humanizing of God's purposes for creating humans. I give you logical reasons, explanations and thoughts about God's activities conducting evolution the way He did, and you simply deny I've given you logical reasons. A huge supply of humans need the huge bush God created by evolving it. Open your static mind. I had to lecture you about the formation of econiches and their importance, and I remember your first offhand comments that, of course, everyone ate. Now I think you recognize the importance, but from your view you still want to deny God's planning. Still anything but God. We will not convince each other across the divide.

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