David's theory of evolution Part Two (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Wednesday, April 15, 2020, 20:14 (196 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: Same manufactured criticism. It makes perfect sense to me.

dhw: What does “manufactured” mean? The illogicality could hardly be clearer, and although you now disown your earlier admission that you have no idea why he chose such a method, the only responses you have to the criticism are that all animals must eat, and we can’t know God’s reasons for choosing the combination of purpose and method you have chosen for him.

We can guess at possible reasons as to why God chose to evolve humans. You illogical problem is you envision "God as human in many ways. My approach is much simpler. God runs reality, and the history tells us what He did, but unfortunately, not why. I look for logical reasons, which you don't accept. We debate at different levels of views of God.

dhw: You admit that your God probably/possibly has thought patterns, emotions and attributes similar to ours. Now please answer the question: why do you regard the above theories as criticisms of God?

You are critical of the reasons I give for God's actions. your god and my God are two very different entities

dhw: You wrote that "He has a lot more interest in His purposes than being a spectator." Please tell us what other non-human interests you think your God has in the world he has created.

I have no idea what you want. God is not human, and all His reason are unknown requiring logical guesswork, but not thinking that He is considering human interests for Himself.

DAVID: We have no idea if God has your human interests you impose on Him. I don't go there.

dhw: I have offered you a theory in which I “recognize a purposeful God who knows exactly what he is doing and why it must be done in advance”. The fact that you don’t go there is irrelevant. But do please tell us about your God's other interests.

I have no idea beyond the true history of God's actions.

dhw: […] my view is that if your all-powerful God’s sole purpose for creating life was to create humans, the only food supply needed would have been a food supply for humans, so why would he specially design millions of extinct food supplies for millions of extinct species?

DAVID: Still denying my version: God chose to evolve us, according to the history of His creation. Your own confusion is self-created.

dhw: God chose to evolve every species that ever existed, according to your history of the creation. Now please answer my question.

Again an illogical approach to the process of evolution from bacteria to humans. God evolved us, and history shows us how He did it, so why question His motives and reasoning? He obviously knew We would need a huge bush for food supply, but you deny that.

DAVID: you poison your own thinking by viewing God from the wrong viewpoint to start with. And later: How about consulting some theists writings for guidance in how to think about God?

dhw: If God exists, only he knows the right viewpoint.

DAVID: A real true statement about God, finally. all any of us can do is make logical guess from our individual viewpoints about who God is. Yours is a humanized God.

dhw: I offer several viewpoints, but if your God probably/possibly has thought patterns, emotions and attributes similar to ours, how can you claim that such a view is “the wrong viewpoint to start with”? You agree that only God would know the right viewpoint, so please stop pretending that yours is right and mine are wrong.

I don't pretend, do I? Yours is a humanized God who likes spectacles!

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