David's theory of evolution Part Two (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Sunday, December 29, 2019, 16:01 (277 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: It depends on the God one envisions. My God is highly purposeful and does not require experimentation as your humanized God seems to require.

dhw: My God, if he exists, is totally purposeful, and if he had just one purpose (to create H. sapiens) and knew exactly how to do it, he would have done it instead of inexplicably deciding not to do it for 3.X billion years. Experimentation is one of the logical alternatives I offer to your own illogical theory. I see nothing wrong with the idea that a God who created everything “very well could think like us” (your words).

DAVID: God is logical as we are, but you need to explain 13.8 years of universe, 4.5 billion years of Earth age and 3.7-8 billion years of life to finally reach us. Histro y of God's works tells us He wanted to take the time. Again you are describing a humanized god.

dhw: It is you who need to explain these figures, since you insist that your God is all-powerful, had only one purpose, but spent billions of years NOT pursuing that purpose! Why so many billions of galaxies and solar systems coming and going if he only wanted one? Why so many life forms coming and going if he only wanted one? Your previous answer was: “Haven’t you realized by now, I have no idea why God chose to evolve humans over time?” You certainly can’t claim that “God is logical as we are” if you can’t understand his logic, so maybe your basic premise is wrong.

I can see His purposes, but there is no way I can 'know' his reasons for doing it the way He did. I have no idea why you do not follow the logical reasoning that with God is charge history is an accurate picture of His works. And stop there. But no, you dig in and invent. That is where the humanizing starts

dhw: […] are you telling me that every single extinct galaxy and solar system over approx. 9.2 billion years was specially designed just to produce one planet capable of sustaining life so that your God could specially design you and me?

DAVID: See above. Stop humanizing God. He does what He does, and He runs the show as He wishes. Your supposed view of God is light years apart from my view.

dhw: You have not answered the question. Is that what you believe? Of course if he exists, he does what he does and runs the show as he wishes, but that does not mean he runs the show as you think he wishes!

I cannot know why He runs the show the way He did. That is a major point in our differences. But our specialness tells us we are a prime goal, and I cannot know if there are other goals but I doubt it as we are now top predator and run the local show.

dhw: I have offered other ways of interpreting the show that has resulted from his wishes, and you have accepted their logic. Your one repeated objection is that these explanations “humanize” God, and the rest of your post trots out the same “humanizing” mantra.

I've agreed with you that your human logic expresses humanized versions of God's works and purposes, and are reasonable for a humanized God.

dhw: This does not in any way cancel out the illogicality of your theory as summarized above, or cancel out the logicality of my alternatives, or provide even the slightest justification for your assumption that although your God “very well could think like us”, he does not have any attributes in common with us and therefore does not think like us.

God is a person like no other person and must be thought of that way, per Adler. Like Shapiro for you I have my experts who shape my thoughts. I'm sure He is just as logical as we are.

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