David's theory of evolution Part One (Evolution)

by George Jelliss ⌂ @, Crewe, Friday, November 08, 2019, 11:06 (326 days ago) @ dhw

I looked up what Shapiro is saying about Evolution. The Amazon advert for his book says:

"Shapiro integrates advances in symbiogenesis, epigenetics, and saltationism into a unified approach that views evolutionary change as an active cell process, regulated epigenetically and capable of making rapid large changes by horizontal DNA transfer, inter-specific hybridization, whole genome doubling, symbiogenesis, or massive genome restructuring."

This all fits in perfectly with my own understanding of the present state of Evolutionary theory, taking into account all the new discoveries since Darwin's time.

There is nothing here that talks about "intelligent cells or cell communities" that have "their own special form of consciousness". This is an interpretation or overlay put on his work by proponents of Intelligent Design or Universal Consciousness ideas.

What's with the "Part One", "Part B" etc subheadings that have suddenly appeared?


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