David's theory of evolution (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Wednesday, October 23, 2019, 20:01 (341 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: God prepared the earth for humans with the bush of life. All makes sense, except to you, as you do not accept humans as the end point.

dhw: “End point” is ambiguous. It is not the same as the one and only purpose. You keep acknowledging that you have no idea why your God chose to spend 3.X billion years specially designing a bush of non-human life forms, lifestyles and natural wonders “to cover the time he knew he had decided to take”, but apparently this is not illogical “if one does not apply human reasoning to the actual history”. I’m sorry, but if we cannot apply human reasoning to the history, then for humans like me and you, it does not make sense.

You may be a wordsmith, but for me endpoint and final purpose are exactly the same in meaning. Humans are God's final goal. He evolved organisms to get there as history tells us.

DAVID: God has reasons behind the history He created. THAT is logical, and that is something you cannot debate. Guesses as to the reasons are nothing but pure guesses. My point is why bother.

dhw: Of course it’s logical. Your point is not why bother, because it is your own irrational guess outlined above that we are debating!

Using history is not an illogical guess, nor is our specialness which makes the point.

DAVID (UNDER “TOAD MIMICS VIPER HEAD”): this must require several specialized mutations. I think the toad was helped.

dhw: So either your God did a dabble or 3.8 billion years ago he preprogrammed the toad’s camouflage, because although his one and only purpose was to specially design H. sapiens, it wouldn’t have been possible without a toad’s head that imitates a viper’s head (plus the rest of the bush of non-human life over 3.X billion years of history).

DAVID: All econiches are important in the balance of nature as provided by God, as He controlled the process of evolution. See new balance of nature entry today.

DAVID: This shows how God set up econiches for balance in nature. Special plants for giant dinosaurs, milkweed for monarchs. The bush of life is an absolute requirement for the evolutionary appearance of humans. Perhaps dhw will understand this explanation as to why God took all that time to reach humans. He seems confused to me.

dhw: All econiches depend on balance, and when the balance changes, the econiche changes, and the history of life is the history of comings and goings which, until some 3.X billion years ago, had nothing to do with humans. You are trying to conflate the history of life with the history of human evolution.

Of course it is. What is evolution about but creations for the future from the past?

dhw: Yes, A bush of life in the form of an econiche is essential for humans, just as it is/was for all species that ever lived. That does not mean that THE bush of life throughout life’s history was necessary for humans! You have ignored your own explanation! Once more: all of these non-human organisms and econiches were “interim goals to establish the necessary food supply to cover the time he knew he had decided to take” – i.e. before he started to design the only thing he actually wanted to design, namely us. And you “have no idea why God chose to evolve humans over time”.

Stop the illogical repetitions. They make no sense to me. Of course in using evolution to create, He created interim animals and eco-niches over the time involved. Of course the bush of life was necessary for the creation of humans which were His goal, since they are God's endpoint. I don't ever intend to explain His reasoning, and it is obvious you can't as you constantly humanize Him, and attempt to distort the history of His works, which tell us exactly what He decided to do and how to do it.

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