David's theory of evolution Part Two: humans are final (Evolution)

by dhw, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 11:35 (255 days ago) @ David Turell

Dhw: On the other hand, the concept of “gene drive” may well give us an insight into the way cells/cell communities themselves operate in the process that Shapiro calls “natural genetic engineering”.

DAVID: What if we evolved further, as that is the only likelihood, would our brains enlarge? Would our lumbar spines and knees be improved? Hard to imagine.

Once a species is successful, i.e. able to survive as it is, and conditions do not demand or allow for change, then why should it evolve further? My fear is that if we go on interfering with nature, the only evolution in our case will be deterioration rather than improvement!

Your other posts:

DAVID: Humans are changing genetics and are in control of evolution:

DAVID: Note how we are designing evolution. Not hard to imagine God doing this. In China one scientist has been arrested after trying to produce designer babies!

DAVID: There will be more and more of this genetic alteration by humans.

Interesting (and sometimes depressing) though these articles may be, they have very little to do with your personal and highly illogical theory of evolution. You are simply telling us that humans are changing genetics. What is hard to imagine is why your God would spend 3.X billion years “doing this”, when apparently all he ever wanted to do was design you and me.

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