David's theory of evolution Part Two (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Sunday, April 19, 2020, 22:00 (185 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: But if you really want to know, at synagogue I was taught to swallow the OT, at school I was taught to swallow the NT, in later discussions with a particular rabbi and a particular Methodist minister I was taught very different ways of investigating theism, and I have no doubt that imams and Buddhists and process theologians and deists and pantheists and panentheists and atheists and fellow agnostics (many discussions with both!) will all try to teach me how to investigate theism. Now would you please focus on the arguments.

Thank you for giving your background. As a kid I was told I had to have a Bar Mitzvah as the first born male on both sides. it really meant nothing other than great birthday party and presents. I got seriously interested in my mid-fifties, and am entirely self-taught from books. Were you warned how not to think about God, as I've been?

dhw: Yep, you’re sure your hidden God is watching, but you ridicule the idea that he created life so that he could watch it.

DAVID: A simple human purpose is all you can imagine.

dhw: I do wish you would tell us what other purposes you imagine, but in any case you’re still left with your own certainty that he’s watching.

We are both imagining God. I'm sure He watches us, but as I'm not sure His omniscience lets Him see each of our futures due to free will. We might be able to surprise Him with unexpected activity. Other purposes could be other developing life forms in the universe. All guesswork

DAVID: You've forgotten we have free will and can do the unexpected. even for God.

dhw: I never forget that. In fact I keep reminding you of it, since it illustrates God’s deliberate sacrifice of control, and therefore deliberate desire to create the unexpected. There is no reason, therefore, to assume that the same desire did not influence his method of evolutionary creation (a free-for-all that constantly produced the unexpected – though I always add that he still had the option to dabble.)

We have two versions of the same consideration


DAVID: Again the usual misinterpretation, as you ignore the reasoning from current facts: I don't know God's reasons before deciding to evolve humans over time. It is easy to guess He foresaw that once we arrived with our special giant brain, we would become a swarm all over the Earth and required a huge well-organized bush of econiches to give us the enormous food supply we needed. (dhw’s bold)

dhw: But that’s what according to you he directly created. And the fact that you don’t know why he directly created the vast number of extinct life forms and econiches before he fulfilled his one and only purpose by directly created humans and their econiches is the whole problem with your theory!

You say I have no theory, after I've given you an entirely logical explanation just above!!.

DAVID: Perhaps He has the power to create all of it at once, but in no situation has He done that. Why do I have to remind you He evolved the universe, the Earth, and us? His patterns are obvious if you open your mind and look.

dhw: You don’t have to remind me. We have dealt with it over and over again. I am not questioning that the evolution of universe, Earth, and the WHOLE of life took place. Why have you left out the WHOLE of life. It is the bold above that makes no sense even to you.

It makes perfect sense to me. The 7.3 billion humans now on Earth need the giant bush, as I've said over and over. Perfectly logical theory, which I under stand fully and you illogically refuse to accept.

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