David's theory of evolution Part Two (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Monday, February 17, 2020, 15:20 (223 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: Please read my above now bolded, the reason for dabbles.

dhw: I don’t know what you mean by “beneath his advance notice”. Are you now saying that every minor tornado or flood is a dabble? I’m sure all the victims will kneel and thank your God for his lovingkindness. I would have expected his dabbles to be major (the biblical flood, or Chicxulub, with a view to changing the course of evolution).

I do to. 'Beneath His advance notice' comes from my concept that God sets major processes in motion, as in major weather patterns, but resultant tornadoes appear as as result, not directly due to Him.

dhw: The bolded section of my reply highlights the question you still haven’t answered. If he didn’t control those particular environmental changes, how was he able to preprogramme the anatomical changes necessary to cope with or exploit them?

As above, He set major patterns, as forest to Savannah

dhw: Why should your God not behave in a logically understandable way, especially when you agree he probably “has similar thought patterns and emotions”?

DAVID: My quote, bolded, as usual out of context: we do not know His reasons for His actions or purposes and may not follow human thought patterns, but we can be sure He thinks logically as we do. He is not human, and you approach Him as if He were human.

dhw: How can the quotes be out of context, and how can they mean anything other than what they say? “He very well could think like us”; “He probably has similar thought patterns and emotions”; “He probably does have some of our attributes.” Of course he’s not human, but that is no reason to assume that his thought patterns must be incomprehensible to us.

All my quotes are true judgments about God, just as yours try to be.. Of course His thoughts are not incomprehensible. We just do not know what His reasons are for his methodology and goals. You never follow my reasoning from your own strange humanizing of God.

dhw: If we cannot find a logical reason for his actions, then we cannot say he uses logic as we do! The absurd thing about this whole discussion is that we CAN find various logical reasons for his actions. It is only your interpretation of his actions, motives and nature that lead to the illogicality.

All we can do is study His works, and make guesses about his reasoning.

DAVID: Your twist is to use it so that you can excuse creating your humanized versions of a purposeful God, who like to experiment because He doesn't know what directions to take. Humanizing theism is your theistic attempt.

dhw: Experimentation is only one of the logical explanations I offer for the bush of life, to make it fit in with your version of his one and only purpose. I shan’t repeat the others. Now please tell me why, if it is possible that he has some human attributes, a theory endowing him with some human attributes is out of bounds. And tell me why, for instance, it is less human to be a control freak than to be an interested onlooker.

Just remember, all guesses, all logical at a human level

dhw: The rest of your post continues to flog the dead horse of humanization, with added appeals to the authority of a philosopher and theologian named Adler, highly respected by the Catholic Church, who has nothing to say about those parts of your theory that defy logic.

Only your lack of understanding how tohink about God gets in the way.

Under: "A virus with unrelated new genes"

DAVID: Can this virus be part of common descent?
DAVID: over 90% of genes are entirely new, and the remainder only distantly related to known genes. Where did this come from? Did it invent itself or was it designed. Evolution gets stranger and stranger.

dhw: More to the point, perhaps, is why you think your God would have separately designed this particular virus when all he wanted to do was design H. sapiens.

Simple: all part of a required econiche. Like the turtles it is echoniches all the way down, although with evolution it is all the way up.

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