David's theory of evolution (Evolution)

by dhw, Friday, October 25, 2019, 10:59 (342 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: You always fail to understand that I simply look at history to see what God did.

No you don’t. History tells us only that there has been a vast bush of diversified life forms extinct and extant, with humans the latest species to evolve. See our next exchange:

DAVID: You constantly refuse to follow logical reasoning. If God is in charge, history shows us what He did, not why. Guessing why is pure guessing. What does your guessing prove. Nothing!

dhw: But it is you who guess that the reason why your God (whose very existence is a guess) created life was to produce H. sapiens, and every other life form, lifestyle and natural wonder up until 3.X billion years ago was an “interim goal” to cover the time he had decided to take before embarking on fulfilling his one and only purpose. All theories concerning the existence of God, the origin of life, the origin of consciousness etc. are guesses which prove nothing.

DAVID: Not a guess. Design requires a designer.

Your whole theory of evolution is a guess. The existence of God is a guess too, because although design requires a designer, the designer does not have to be a single, unknown, sourceless, eternal mind! An atheist can guess that all the designs we see around us are the products of a chance combination of materials which by sheer good fortune led to life and intelligence capable of doing its own designing. No, I don’t believe it, but it is no more and no less fanciful than an inexplicable, hidden intelligence that was always simply there.

DAVID: […] guessing in worthless, whether you accept God or not.

dhw: And yet you have written two brilliant books to support one of your guesses (that God exists), and you continue to delve into all the mysteries, as you provide us with a constant stream of articles detailing the latest attempts to solve them. I remain extremely grateful for these, and do not regard them as worthless, even though they are guesses. And I do not think it is worthless to apply human logic in assessing the possible validity of people’s guesses. That is the nature of all our discussions. If guessing and discussing the guesses is worthless, we may as well close down this website! :-(

DAVID: I don't think we should stop. I constantly can show overwhelming evidence of design which you recognize and keeps you in confusion :-) By the way Amazon just sold a copy of my first book.

Delighted to hear this piece of news, though I wish they had sold thousands of copies of your second book! I would not say I am confused. I think I have a clear vision of the alternative explanations of life and evolution. My problem is that I find none of them sufficiently convincing to believe in! I would say that there are so many gaps in our knowledge that belief in any one theory demands irrational faith, and I think you would agree since you state categorically that your own theory is not illogical provided “one does not apply human reasoning to the actual history”! I would not want us to stop either – but I reserve the right to use my human reasoning when considering all the proposed solutions to all the unsolved mysteries!

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