David's theory of evolution Part Two (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Sunday, December 22, 2019, 23:00 (281 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: They are logical for a humanized God, no more. My judgement is quite clear and unchanged.

dhw: They are logical for a God who “very well could think like us”. That does not make him human, but simply denotes the possibility of shared characteristics between creator and what he created. I know your judgement is unchanged. I don’t know how you can call it clear when you tell us that God’s logic is different from ours and we shouldn’t try to understand it.

I'll repeat. We cannot know the reasoning behind God's purposes, but I'm sure He reasons logically like us. Stop distorting my views of God.

DAVID: God in running evolution preferred branches of development, not single twigs. History declares that fact.

dhw: Of course it does. And that is why your theory cannot be logically applied to the actual history. As you have said yourself, the “process of producing physical forms should proceed into a specific direction if humans are to be evolved”. It didn’t, and that is what makes your theory so illogical.

DAVID: It did produce us, but I'm sure you know evolutionary history tells us a huge bush was produced, and it is required to provide the balance of nature that feeds all. If God went directly from bacteria to us, what would we eat?

dhw: Your question refers to the period beginning 0.X billion years ago, when your God apparently began to design all the different ancestors of H. sapiens, with all the itty-bitty innovations, as below. That does not explain why he decided to spend 3.X billion years NOT designing the only thing he wanted to design.

Of course it doesn't. You won't accept the concept that God decided to evolve us which easily explains our history.

DAVID: Your weirdly strange thinking continues.

dhw: I merely took the expression you used as follows: “…rather than directly implanting those beneficial attributes, he created mechanisms within the various hominin/homo groups to allow natural living development.” I like it. It sounds just like the mechanism of intelligent cell communities naturally making adjustments as and when natural environmental changes required or allowed such adjustments.

DAVID: You think you have a logical answer by telling us simple cells can design, when you accept the issue of design doesn't allow you to be an atheist. The whole thing is your dilemma, not mine. The picket fence is your uncomfortable problem. I'm quite comfortable in my position with the ID folks.

dhw: The picket fence concerns the existence of God, and the ID argument is perfectly logical. This is a totally different issue from that of your theistic theory of evolution, which I keep summarizing and which you acknowledge to be incomprehensible to human logic. Please stop conflating the issue of God’s existence with your theory of God’s evolutionary purpose and method.

I repeat. Your distortion of my reasoning does not answer this statement: God reasons logically as we do, but we cannot know His reasoning behind why He chose purposely to evolve us over time. Only you worry about the time taken. Do you think God worried about it?

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