David's theory of evolution Part Two (Evolution)

by dhw, Tuesday, April 21, 2020, 13:16 (181 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: If you are told that there is only one way to think about God, that is as good as a warning not to think about him in any other way. Hence the utter folly of inquisitions, religious wars, the terrorist acts of Muslim Fundamentalists. Beware of anyone who tells you there is a right and a wrong way to think about God. Ask them how they know.

DAVID: Wrong interpretation. I was taught how to not to think about God fallaciously as I gave you Adler quotes in the recent past. He is a reasonable teacher, and you quote fanatics. A non-answer.

Wrong interpretation of what? Who can tell which way is “fallacious” and which is correct? Only God knows the right way, if he exists.

DAVID: We are both imagining God. I'm sure He watches us, but as I'm not sure His omniscience lets Him see each of our futures due to free will. We might be able to surprise Him with unexpected activity.

dhw: Excellent thinking. If he has deliberately designed us so that we can surprise him with unexpected activity, he could have had precisely the same reason for allowing free rein to evolution itself (always with the option of dabbling).

DAVID: He precisely defined our free will. He followed his purpose. That doesn't tell us He was purposely imprecise elsewhere.

Do please tell us his precise definition. Whatever he did would, I assume, have followed his purpose. But if his purpose might have been to get us to surprise him, it is not illogical to suggest that maybe he had the same purpose for the whole history of evolution. At least, in contrast to your theory, that would offer us a clear explanation for the ever changing bush of evolution.

DAVID: I don't know God's reasons before deciding to evolve humans over time. It is easy to guess He foresaw that once we arrived with our special giant brain, we would become a swarm all over the Earth and required a huge well-organized bush of econiches to give us the enormous food supply we needed. (dhw’s bold)

dhw: You don’t know why he decided to take 3.X billion years to directly design (your definition of “evolve”) humans and their “giant bush”. However, you think that his direct design of 3.X billion years’ worth of extinct “giant bushes” prior to his direct design of humans and their own “giant bush” is a logical explanation!

DAVID: It is to me. God decided to evolve us. History says we were evolved. The giant bush is here. We are here and need the bush for food. Where is your illogical thinking? Again vestiges of your problem with a patient God. Part of your humanizing problem.

Oops, one slight omission: you’ve forgotten the unexplained and inexplicable direct design of 3.X billion years’ worth of extinct life forms and giant bushes prior to our being directly designed and needing the giant bush he directly designed for us.

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