David's theory of evolution Part Two (Evolution)

by dhw, Saturday, April 04, 2020, 13:55 (198 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: I have fully applied human reasoning to the entire history of the bush of life supplying the required food supply for all existing organisms. Why do you think this is illogical?

It isn’t illogical. That is precisely what I keep telling you: econiches supply or supplied food for ALL organisms, extant and extinct! But it makes no sense to claim that for 3.X billion years, millions of non-human econiches, feeding species of which 99% are extinct, were specially designed just to cover the time until your all-powerful God, who can do whatever he wants however and whenever he wants, could specially design the only species he wanted to design.

DAVID: I cannot know God's reasons for using evolution but it is all of a pattern, as you force me to repeat: created universe, evolved it; created the Earth, evolved it; Created life and evolved it.

You have left out the one part of your theory which is at the root of this discussion! I am not challenging the use of evolution! I am challenging your interpretation of evolution! Yes, if God exists, he created the universe etc.; yes he is responsible for evolution; yes, econiches provide food for all organisms; yes, humans are unique. But no, for the thousandth time, it does not make sense to claim...See bold above.

dhw: If you don’t know his reasons, you don’t know his logic or his use of logic. The bush of life was necessary only for the life forms of their time, and you have no idea why for 3.X billion years...See bold above.

DAVID: What I just wrote before is I assume He is logical like we are, but that allow me to know His reasons for choice of method. His patterns tell me He prefers to evolve each creation, rather than direct creation, that you keep wondering about.

I presume you mean that it does NOT allow you to know his reasons. I would also imagine that he is logical as we are. That is why I offer you different explanations of evolution, all of which you agree are logical, and therefore show him to be “logical like we are” and to have thought patterns similar to ours. But you have no idea what logic could underlie your own theory! As regards “direct creation” see later.

dhw: I’m sorry, but I have as little faith in your predictions of what science will tell us as I have in Dawkins’ predictions.

DAVID: How else could we have had this interesting and instructive discussions that have changed part of your original views of Darwin, unless I published all of these 12 years of science articles? We won't live long enough, but at some point in the future, I believe the discovered massive complexity will demand a belief in a greater power.

I shall always be grateful for the huge range of science articles you have published, as well as for our discussions, and like Darwin I’d love to have proof either way, but I don’t think it will ever happen!

DAVID: The Cambrian was a rapid expansion of new forms. So was the human. I assume both were a massive dabble.

In defence of your own theory, you wrote: “His patterns tell me he prefers to evolve each creation, rather than direct creation.” How can a dabble not be direct creation? According to you, the new Cambrian species – all apparently absolutely necessary for the production of H. sapiens - did not even have common ancestors! And you keep having him dabbling (= directly changing) human anatomy as well as expanding brains.

DAVID: Another new find that supports the idea of a hominin/homo evolutionary explosion.

dhw: Indeed, and the bigger the explosion, the more difficult it is to believe that your all-powerful God started out wanting only one species (apart from enough other life forms to provide H. sapiens with food). The explosion supports the idea of different species evolving to cope with different environments. Your theory once again raises the question of if or why your God created different environments.

DAVID: The different species in different environments gave sapiens all the attributes it need as a final product. I've been over all is before, remember?
The Earth He created had many different environments in different areas and at different times in the history of the Earth. […]

Yes, we’ve been over this before, but the muddle continues. We know the Earth has many different environments, but you still won’t commit yourself to saying whether he deliberately created them all – local as well as global – or left that part of his plan to chance. He wants one species, has the power to create it any way he wants but, after 3.X billion years’ worth of non-human life forms and econiches, he then dabbles lots of non-sapiens so that they can contribute bits and pieces before he finally dabbles us. So instead of direct creation of the species, you have direct creation of bits of the species (including each successive brain expansion) until he directly creates the only species he wants. No wonder you say we shouldn’t look for your God’s reasons.

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