David's theory of evolution Part Two (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Tuesday, April 28, 2020, 19:33 (184 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: If God created life as I believe, inventing the Cambrian was easy for Him.

dhw: Of course. Now how about answering the question? If Cambrian species were preprogrammed, the programme would have had to be passed on by their ancestors. But you believe they didn’t have any. Your alternative is dabbling, but that casts doubt on his ability to see the future “without error, as religions claim.

Why raise these issues, when I've discussed my own uncertainties about how God does it? Stick with my basic claim, God runs the process of evolution in a hands-on manner. It looks just like Darwin's common descent.

DAVID: We are debating my guesses as to how God conducted evolution. Note as guesses they have no firm existence, much as you delight in approaching them that way. The only solid point is God is in charge of evolution and created what looks like common descent.

dhw: But doesn’t look like common descent in the Cambrian.

Agreed, and it bugged Darwin. The 'Gap' must mean God did a giant engineering job to start our current phyla. No evidence of chance. Just like the start of life, with God doing that designing. During teh rest of evolution it looks like He modified existing species.

DAVID: Just accept the history as representing what God does and how He does it. Please try to remember, I have guessed as to how God does His creation, pre-programming or dabbling, but never experimenting.

dhw: I accept the history, but not your guess as to how and why he does it, or your blanket dismissal of ALL my theistic alternatives (again, experimenting is only one) with the absurd reason that although they are humanly logical, we mustn’t think of God as being humanly logical.

God is not human, yet you have suddenly forgotten I'm certain He is logical as I've stated over and over. That does not mean He has desires similar to ours, like our enjoyment of spectacles. He is obviously so easily inventive, the universe, a special planet Earth to support life, life itself, He does not need experimentation

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