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by David Turell @, Tuesday, October 08, 2019, 15:54 (383 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: I do not reject your argument that design/complexity provides evidence for the existence of God, which embraces Adler’s example of the human mind. But you have repeatedly admitted that Adler does NOT argue that H. sapiens was your always-in-total-control God’s intent from the beginning, that for some unknown reason he decided not to fulfil that intent for 3.X billion years and therefore had to preprogramme or dabble every single innovation, lifestyle and natural wonder in life’s history as interim goals in order to cover the time before starting on the fulfilment of his one and only goal. And I doubt very much that Adler would tell us this theory is perfectly logical provided we do not try to apply human logic, and that any alternative to this theory must be wrong because it entails “humanizing” God, although God “very well could think like us”. (dhw’s bold)

DAVID: Constant repeating of your illogical mantra dos not make it logical.

dhw: I have not repeated any mantra of my own. I have merely repeated all the sections of your own illogical mantra.

DAVID: All I've said about Adler is his book does not discuss my theory, but my theory is based on Adler's philosophic theism as it refers to our obvious difference.

dhw: I couldn’t care less what your theory is based on. Since it can only be called logical if we abandon human logic, I suspect that most philosophers, theistic or otherwise, would dismiss it. If Adler doesn’t even discuss it, there is no point in constantly bringing him into our own discussion.

He is part of my reasoning that God is in charge. He recognizes our vast difference when you constantly try to smudge it.

DAVID: As for convergence, a similar result with similar genes is not like to be the result of a chance mutation method of evolution, and reeks of design.

dhw: You know perfectly well that I reject both chance mutations and your illogical belief as summarized above, and propose instead (theistic version) that your God may have invented a mechanism (cellular intelligence) that enabled organisms to do their own designing. I accept that this is as unproven as your own theory, but it too would have God as the creator of life and its history, and it avoids all the pitfalls that leave you with “no idea why he chose to evolve humans over time”.

DAVID: Again, distortion: I don't question God's choices of mechanism, which is why I have 'no idea'. You can propose all you wish about God, while having no way of proving you might be even slightly correct. With the belief God is in charge of creation History tells us exactly what He did.

dhw: History tells us the result – the great bush of life. Once again: it does not tell us one single aspect of the theory bolded above, and “you can propose all you wish about God, while having no way of proving you might be even slightly correct.” The very fact that your proposal requires a suspension of all human logic does not even endow it with any credibility for me as a human!:-(

Of course history tells us what God produced. It doesn't give us His reasons, which we must guess at. It is your logic that is absent. The bold above produced some of my guesses at which you laugh. Shouldn't I laugh at yours?

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