David's theory of evolution Part Two (Evolution)

by dhw, Monday, November 25, 2019, 14:06 (332 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: There again is your weird twist of my thoughts. I view nothing I think about God as illogical.

dhw: So why do you say that the above theory is not illogical “if one does not apply human reasoning to the actual history”?

DAVID: I don't try 'reasoning' what God might have thought in making His choice to evolve human over the time we know it took. You are the one who tries to look into His thought process. The only true reasoning I have done is conclude, with Adler, humans were His goal.

dhw: So your message is that if your theory cannot be applied to the actual history of life, we mustn’t try to understand it. And if anyone offers an alternative theory which can be applied to the actual history, presumably we should ignore it because it's humanly logical. Not the most edifying approach to any issue!

DAVID: Again a total twist. You try to read God's mind. You and I can't. I fully accept history as God's work. That does not require a theory.

If he exists, of course history is his work! And it is your reading of his purpose and method that constitutes your theory (see below) which now you do not even recognize as a theory!

DAVID: I don't buy your theories about God's thoughts, and you do not buy Adler's and my tenor about humans as a goal, because of our most unusual specialness, which you admit and then try to ignore.

I keep accepting the logic of humans as a goal. I do not accept the logic of your composite theory that God is in total charge and has a single goal (H. sapiens) and yet for some inexplicable reason decided to spend 3.X billion years not fulfilling his goal and so had to specially design billions of non-human life forms, econiches etc. to cover the time before he started to fulfil his one and only purpose.

DAVID: God fully understands the necessity for econiches. You can ask all the questions you want, but your inquires are all illogical. All you have to accept is God chose to evolve humans as history tells us. All aspects of God's work are in full view.

We all understand that balanced econiches are necessary for the survival of organisms. The question is why 3.X billion years’ worth of non-human econiches were necessary for him to fulfil his one and only purpose etc. etc. Yes, the current bush of life is in full view, but according to you, the preceding non-human bush of 3.X billion years is not an illogical result of God’s pursuit of his one and only purpose so long as we do not try to find a logical reason for it.

DAVID: As I apply my reasoning to the process of evolution, I have concluded reasonably that God must be in charge. The designs in the biochemistry of life require the mind of a designer.

dhw: No problem with the logic of either statement. Once again, it is the combination of your fixed beliefs which defies all human reason.

DAVID: Sadly, only your reasoning. You do not understand a belief in God. It accepts the history of what He has done.

I have no problem understanding a belief in God or acceptance of the history (the bush of life), but I can find no logic in a theory which you yourself agree is illogical by human standards if we try to apply it to the history. And I cannot understand why, even though you acknowledge that different alternative theories do fit in logically with the history, these must be ignored because we must accept your illogical interpretation of your God’s thoughts and actions.

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