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by David Turell @, Thursday, November 07, 2019, 00:35 (330 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: Of course if he exists he would run the show as he wishes. No faith required for that reasoning. What I cannot accept is the 3-point combination of your beliefs regarding how and why he runs the show – an explanation which in your own words requires “nothing illogical if one does not apply human reasoning to the actual history”. Yes, your faith in that illogical and unreasonable theory does indeed jump a chasm.

DAVID: The bold above shows your illogical thinking. God in charge produced what He wanted to appear.

dhw: Of course he did. What is illogical about my agreement with your statement? The illogicality which you yourself acknowledge is your interpretation of his wishes and how he runs the show! According to you, His wish was to produce H. sapiens, and he ran the show by deciding (you have "no idea why") not to produce H. sapiens for 3.X billion years, which meant he “had to” produce the rest of the non-human bush in order to cover the time he’d decide to take before fulfilling his wish.

Logically evolution is everything you have described. Of course humans were the main goal per Adler. See my new entry about an early ape whose body foretells the future use.

DAVID: I found an article which said earless moths did exist, but our discussion started with an article that said eared moths predated bats by many years, as if planned:

dhw: It does not say “as if planned”, by which you mean your God gave some moths ears in preparation for when they would become nocturnal and then have to cope with bats. What makes you think that a sense of hearing would not have been useful for diurnal moths?

Earless moths survived, according to the article by not being nocturnal.

DAVID: That is no answer as to why moths have ears well before bats appeared…

dhw: Because maybe a sense of hearing was useful even in daytime, for instance to hear approaching predators. Why do you think your God would have given them ears well before he produced bats? “Wow,” said God, gazing into his crystal ball, “I’ve got them damn bats comin’ in a million years’ time. I’d better give them there moths ears now before...um...before I forget.(?)”

This is only one of many findings of pre-planning I have presented. see the new one. And note George dos not like your cellular intelligence theory.

DAVID: ...or why our huge brains predated much of its latter use. A flipper is distantly related to a leg, both of which have markedly different functions, as both provide different forms of locomotion. That both provide locomotion does not make the changes a simple adaptation.

dhw: Why do you think early H. sapiens should have known everything we know today? Of course it predated much of its latter use!

Just my point!

dhw: That does not mean your God gave pre-sapiens a huge brain and the new sapiens sat around for centuries acting just like pre-sapiens. I have suggested that the expanded brain was caused by the pre-sapiens brain cells responding to new concepts and/or conditions that exceeded the capacity of the existing brain.

So the existing brain grew by 200 cc by no planned design for the connected parts? You think the existing neurons knew what to design. Pipe dream is all I can consider this. Design required.

dhw: I did not say the whale leg was a “simple” adaptation. Do you believe or not believe that the whale’s ancestors had legs, and do you believe that in due course those legs became flippers? Such transformations may be complex, which is why I have said it is sometimes difficult to draw a borderline between adaptation and innovation. I note that you have not responded to the rest of my comment.

God designed teh changes, as design is required.

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