David's theory of evolution Part Two (Evolution)

by dhw, Wednesday, January 29, 2020, 10:56 (243 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: You quote my statements out of context and mis-interpret them.

I produced the usual list of David’s guesses about his God.

dhw: Now please tell me which items on the above list of your guesses (none of which apparently play any part in Adler's philosophy) is a misinterpretation of your beliefs, and what other context you were referring to when you said you had “no idea” why your God “chose to evolve humans over time” and “nothing illogical required if one does not apply human reasoning to the actual history”.

DAVID: Why can't you accept the thought that we cannot know God's reasoning behind His actions.

You have clearly accepted the list, in which there were no distortions or misinterpretations. Of course I accept that we cannot “know” anything about your supposedly all-knowing God, who supposedly can produce whatever he wants in any way he wants and yet supposedly decides not to do so for 3.X billion years, and therefore supposedly designs millions of non-human life forms etc., supposedly in order to keep life going until he does design the only thing he supposedly wants to design, which is us!

DAVID: 1) is a belief in His abilities and 2) is guessing at His methods to evolve the bush of life and 3) states His choice to evolve, no analysis of His thought process behind the decision.
You are simply repeating what I have stated. It’s all guesswork, but you refuse to consider any other guesses, and you refuse to look for any logical explanation for the gaps between the above suppositions. Why are you so afraid of logic?

DAVID: Adler's book describes why humans are His goal. I accept his reasoning. It is you who wishes to psychoanalyze God in direct fashion, but you should read Adler first.

Yet again: I do not have a problem with Adler’s belief as evidence for God’s existence. Please tell me what Adler says in support of the above list of your suppositions. If he doesn’t offer any such support, then please stop pretending he does.

DAVID: My books and Adler's are filled with reasons God must exist. Are you afraid of Adler's thoughts and wish to avoid them or read and apply your reason about them.

I am not in the least afraid of your/Adler’s reasons for believing that God exists, and I accept the logic of the design argument. You know perfectly well that this whole thread is about your (not Adler’s) illogical theistic theory of evolution, and not about God’s existence.

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