David's theory of evolution Part Two (Evolution)

by dhw, Wednesday, April 01, 2020, 12:30 (211 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: I've given you a specific reason. God chose to create a huge bush of life to support 7.3 billion humans as they now exist, requiring a huge food supply, which shows why He created the huge bush first as a recognized requirement. […]

dhw: 99% of the huge bush has disappeared. It is patently absurd to argue that all those life forms, lifestyles, natural wonders, econiches had to be specially designed because they were “a recognized requirement” for your all-powerful God to be able to produce H. sapiens. Recognized by whom?

DAVID: All of us, I would presume. Evolution is a process of simple to complex and required the time it took, and if all lived, where would everyone have space to exist.

All of us recognize that every single life form, econiche etc.in the history of life was required for the special design of H. sapiens? What opinion poll gave you that result? Yes, evolution has progressed from simple to complex, and it has taken the time it has taken, and if the billions of life forms etc. had lived, there wouldn’t have been enough space. How does that explain why your all-powerful God specially designed them all, even though there was only one species and one lot of econiches he wanted to design?

dhw: Why do you think that creating interesting things is purposeless and wishy-washy? Humanoid? Why do you think a God whose thought patterns and emotions and attributes are probably similar to ours (your words, not mine) cannot possibly have thought patterns, emotions and attributes similar to ours?

dhw: Not answered.

DAVID: Your God is not my God. Yours is partially human.

Still not answered.

DAVID: God's logic is like ours.

dhw: How do you know if you tell us we can’t and shouldn’t try to find his reasons for doing what you think he did?

DAVID: That is the one simple assumption I can make. Logical thinking makes course in college.

You make lots of simple assumptions - God exists, is all-powerful, has only one purpose (humans), acts logically (though you can’t explain his logic), and is not even partially human although he probably has thought patterns and emotions and attributes similar to ours. And you still haven’t told us how you know God’s logic is like ours.

DAVID: He needed to evolve us. Accept that or not as you wish.

“Needed”? What was the pressure? I can accept the proposal that he wanted to evolve us. And I have offered two logical explanations of evolution that incorporate this wish.

DAVID: God created the universe, evolved it; the earth, evolved it; created life and evolved it and then had to experiment! You think about God in bits and pieces of objections as to how I conceive of him as consistent.

dhw: Your interpretation of evolution is not consistent (an all-powerful God with one purpose, who spends 3.x billion years fulfilling anything but his one purpose). And you have yet to explain why your God created billions and billions of stars and solar systems extant and extinct if all he wanted was Planet Earth and H. sapiens.

DAVID: Ask Him. He won't answer. I don't know, but I'm sure you can give us an interesting humanized guess.

You tell us your theory is consistent, but you have no idea why he created billions and billions of stars and solar systems extant and extinct though he only wanted one, and you have no idea why he created millions and millions of life forms etc. although he only wanted one. Strange sort of consistency!

DAVID (under "Far out cosmology"): we are learning to answer the question as to why we have 92 natural elements from hydrogen to uranium. dhw asks the question today in another thread wondering why the universe is so big and has such weird parts. To make our elements is one new answer. He asks the question as if God didn't know what He was doing. (Tuesday, March 31, 2020, 11:05)

So he created billions and billions of stars and solar systems extant and extinct in order to specially design our natural elements. You admit you don’t know why all these extant and extinct billions are/were necessary, just as you don’t know why the whole bush was necessary, and I should ask God why he did it! My question to you has nothing to do with what God knows. It has everything to do with your theory about what he did and why.

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