David's theory of evolution Part Two (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Monday, January 06, 2020, 17:02 (287 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: My theory of how God runs evolution is all guesswork. My basic belief is God evolves each level of His creation. He is the only one who understands his 'how'.

dhw: Yes, it is all guesswork, and it is illogical guesswork at that, and I am not twisting your guesswork, I am reproducing it to show how illogical it is. I have offered you alternative guesses, which you agree are logical, but you stick to your own and dismiss my logical guesses on the grounds that they “humanize” God, although he “very well could think like us”.

DAVID: Again distortion. God's thoughts are purposeful and we can only guess at them based on the history He produces.

What have I distorted? I have agreed!

The word illogical is a constant in your thinking about my theories. You constantly forget we start with different basic premises about God. Using His works a guide is not illogical.

DAVID: We only think like He does in that we use logic as He does.

dhw: But you cannot understand his logic, so how can you say we use logic as He does?

You are confused. I said we cannot know His reasons behind His purposes. Purposes are not logic. They are desires. He and we think logically!

DAVID: Purpose and logic are two difference functions of thought. One can have a purpose without first logically producing the purpose. Isn't there desire without underling purpose? Desire can obviously be first to appear.

dhw: The logic here concerns how he fulfils his purpose! And it is not logical to have a single desire (to produce H. sapiens) and then to decide to postpone fulfilling your desire for 3.X billion years, thereby having to focus on producing anything but what you desire (H. sapiens). I think it is more logical to assume that his desire was to produce everything that life’s history has produced, or alternatively – if your interpretation of his desire is correct – that life’s history is that of his experimental quest for a means of fulfilling that desire (perhaps in keeping with one of your own suggestions: to create a life form which he could relate to).

Again your humanized view of God. My God does not need to experiment. He knows how to achieve the ends He wants. Under your cockamamie thought pattern, our universe is the first of many that was correct enough among the experimental types he tried, which allowed Him to start life, using your comment in the other thread that we do not know when universes began: " How the heck do you know that the universe is not infinite in time? What came before the big bang,? " My God decided to evolve humans from bacteria without mamby-pamby side tracking.

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