David's theory of evolution Part Two (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Friday, January 10, 2020, 15:34 (261 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: But you can’t explain why, if that was his only purpose, he spent 3.X billion years evolving billions of non-human life forms, natural wonders etc. to fill in the time he had decided to take before starting to “evolve” humans (and by “evolve” you mean specially design every little twiddly bit that led from pre-humans to H. sapiens).

DAVID: But you can't explain it either.

dhw: Of course I can’t explain it if you insist that your God is always in charge and knows exactly how to get what he wants! That’s why I suggest that one or more of your assumptions might be wrong!

DAVID: On the basis of imagining human alternatives your refusal to accept the idea God chose to evolve us as he chose to evolve the universe and the Earth, then create life and evolve us as His works in history show us. Totally logical.

dhw: You keep ignoring the part of your theory that you cannot explain, so I have bolded it now, and bolded the fact that you can’t explain it, and it is the bold which makes your theory illogical.

I don't try to find a logic in the choices God obviously makes. You are the one not content with that position, but then you really don't put together all the evidence for God as I do.

dhw: Please stop pretending that your interpretation of his purpose and interim purposes is not an attempt to dig into his mind for reasons! And please stop pretending that you know your God cannot possibly have any attributes in common with humans, even though you say he “very well could think like us”.

DAVID: God has logic as we do. That is what I accept. I don't know the reasons He created the history He created but, per Adler, I know we were a required outcome He decided upon for his own reasons we can just guess at.

dhw: But please stop pretending….as above and below:

Dhw: -[…] since you have raised the subject of humans, do please explain why, 3.8 billion years ago, your God decided to provide the first living cells with a programme for symbiosis between soybeans and soil fungi (or to give them private lessons) if his only desire was to design humans.

I have explained over and over the need for econiches so all could eat over the time evolution took to reach humans, the endpoint.

DAVID: You keep insisting but I can't explain His actions and all your thoughts can only be at a human level of guesses, which constantly make Him as following human purposes.

dhw: nd so you keep pretending that your inability to link your theory of God’s purpose to the actual history of life is justified by the fact that you and I are only human – i.e. your God cannot possibly think like us although “he very well could think like us”, but you happen to know that he doesn’t but he “has logic as we do”, except that you cannot understand his logic. Does it never occur to you that it might be your interpretation of the reasons for his actions that is illogical?

Do you ever recognize how fuzzy your thinking is about my series of points: God chose to create us over time. I cannot know His reasons, nor can you. We can guess at them but as you guess with your human reasoning He turns out quite human in His desires. Where is my 'interpretation' as in your bolded above? What Adler and I interpret from the appearance of humans with consciousness, it is such an amazing event we must be a goal. Our reasoning, not God's! A book by James Le Fanu asks: "Why Us". It is descriptive with no real answers, as I have no answers. Many of us are quite logical about God.

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