David's theory of evolution Part Two (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Sunday, December 15, 2019, 19:25 (287 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: Silly request. Evolution is a staged process with each stage built on the last.

dhw: But each stage has led to a vast variety of life forms extant and extinct, as opposed to each stage leading to H. sapiens. That is the basic problem with your whole theory: that your God had only one purpose, but the actual history of life does NOT consist only of stages from bacteria to H. sapiens.

It simply consists of growing complexity from bacteria to humans. We did arrive as planned.

dhw: Your guesses are no less human than mine, unless you believe you have divine knowledge.

DAVID: I view my human guesses as much more logical than yours.

dhw: And yet you agree that your theory is only logical if we do not apply it to the actual history.

My logic is not to analyze God from a humanistic perspective. God in charge of history creates it.

DAVID: Of course He wanted the bush of life. The econiches as the balance of nature provides food for all who exist at a given time/stage in evolution. What is the evasion, which is your usual contortion of an obvious fact?

dhw: Again you state an obvious fact about econiches which has nothing whatsoever to do with your theory that every econiche and every pre-human life form was an interim goal in order to pass the time until your God fulfilled his one and only purpose, the design of H. sapiens. This is the theory which is only logical if we “do not apply human reasoning to the actual history”, and that is what you keep evading.

Your usual mantra that makes no sense to me to me. God in charge of history creates it for His reasons which we can only guess at..

DAVID: You know it takes a book of reasoning to show that God runs the show. It is not that we 'cannot apply human reasoning' to the history we see. (dhw: but those were your very words!). Human reasoning tells me God chose to evolve humans over time. Human reasoning also tells me not to try to understand why He made that choice over direct creation.

dhw: Your human reasoning tells you that your God’s one and only purpose was to design H. sapiens, but you have no idea why he chose to delay your version of his purpose and therefore had to design all the preceding non-human life forms etc.. And so your human reasoning tells you not to challenge the purpose your human reasoning imposed on your God. This is very strange reasoning. I wish your human reasoning would encourage you to challenge your human reasoning to see if the lack of logic might possibly indicate that either it is wrong in its interpretation of your God’s purpose, or it is wrong in its interpretation of God’s nature – the control freak who is always in charge and knows everything beforehand.

Your wild theorizing won't recognize a God in charge evolves as He wishes. You just don't like the concept of God running things as He wishes. Why won't you accept that God chose to evolve humans over the time it took? God in charge can choose His modes of action.

DAVID: God's reasons for His purposes can only be guessed at. Why bother. Your attempts to fully understand God always end up humanizing Him.

dhw: God’s purposes can only be guessed at, and there is no reason whatsoever to suppose that we do not share some characteristics with the being you believe first created us. As you so rightly say, he “very well could think like us” - another of your own statements which you try so often to evade. Why bother? Why did I bother to set up this website, and why have you bothered over these many years to make such a huge contribution to it? Because both of us are endlessly fascinated by the subjects we discuss.

He uses the same logic we do, as there is only one logical system. I agree to be as fascinated as you are. My contribution is to show that the designs we see in life are requiring a designer in charge.

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