Natures wonders: insect migration (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Sunday, November 21, 2021, 16:32 (6 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: The waggle dance is complex giving direction and distance to be interpreted. How to interpret the dance must be quite a brief but concise program implanted in the larval bee brain which automatically becomes active at one week, as the article tells us.

dhw: It is not the larva brain. “The behavior develops in adult honey bees who have emerged from the pupa stage and chewed through the protective cell to join the colony. Honey bees are able to interpret the dance after about one week.”
There is no way the dance could be interpreted without knowledge of directions and distances! And we are told that the bee’s brain changes as it learns – precisely as the human brain does (remember the illiterate women and the taxi drivers): “The development includes electrophysiological changes in brain neurons, evident when comparing mature foragers with newly emerged bees." Why would the brain change if the programme was already in there?

What you do no appreciate is the imbedded program causes the brain cells to change on command.

DAVID: The baby bee can't use it until it understands it by watching dances repeatedly. In that time frame it must be automatic, just as a baby suckles automatically when discovering the breast nipple when offered to it. Any insertion will start suckling ( a finger tip).

dhw: The adult worker bee is not an automatically suckling baby! It learns to work out directions and distances, and about the individual movements that convey these, and it even learns to perform the movements! The fact that it can do so within a week is testimony to its intelligence, but since it will only live for six to eight weeks, I don’t think there would be much honey around if it took any longer. As I said earlier, the difference between them and us is scale and time span. So please explain why you think human learning denotes autonomous intelligence but bee learning denotes automaticity.

The tiny algorithm, the term used by the author, automatically controls the changes in brain neurons.

dhw: And while you're at it, since you believe bees have no intelligence of their own, please tell us whether you think that 3.8 thousand million years ago your God provided the first cells with a programme for bees and their dance (along with every other life form and natural wonder), or popped in at some time to give the original bee-dancers courses in direction-finding and body-wiggles.

Same old question: Programmed or dabbled, it has to be one or the other. I am not a deist.

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