Natures wonders: making spider silk (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Monday, August 25, 2014, 16:05 (2003 days ago) @ dhw

dhw:Of course the inventive mechanism must have existed in the first living cells. Otherwise there would never have been evolution. The “equivalent to preplanning” is an equivocation. WHAT was “planned”?

I can't expect you to remember all of the thoughts I have had as we discuss this. Remember that I think there is a built-in purposeful drive to create humans. That means an inventive mechanism must contain certain directional instructions. No equivocation.

dhw: Until a week ago, your version of preplanning was that every innovation and Nature's Wonder was the result of dabbling, or was preprogrammed in the first living cells. By “an inventive mechanism that follows intelligent plans”, do you mean it implements its own plans (= invention) or it follows plans laid down by your God (= preprogramming, not invention, and back to square one)?

I would presume that the inventive mechanism is a mixture of all your above suggestions, that is, there is some freedom of design, with a general directionality as noted. Natures wonders diversity implies a vast background of intelligent designs either created by implicit instruction or a series of intelligent information guidelines leading to the inventiveness life shows. It has to be one, the other, or both.

dhw: This hypothesis (which I have called “the intelligent cell”, but call it “the inventive cell” if it makes you happier) fits in with and explains complexity, the Cambrian, and the variety, comings and goings of evolution.

Described by my thoughts above for the inventive mechanism (IM), yes.

dhw: It's all interaction anyway, so you can't separate the inventive mechanism (brain) from the rest of the cell (body).


dhw: The inventive planning would lie in the creation of a mechanism that enables organisms to adapt and innovate by themselves. Once more, no, cells cannot adapt or innovate without such a mechanism, and my hypothesis is that they have it. And once more yes, it must have been there from the beginning, or there would have been no evolution.


dhw: Yet again you are trying to separate the cells from the inventive mechanism, although you have admitted that the inventive mechanism is “implanted within the cells”. It's like saying humans don't invent anything. It's their brains that invent.

Agreed, cells without an IM can't change much of anything. Neither can humans invent much without huge brains. And where did the IM and human brains comes from, an intent of God. Cells did not invent their own IM. It came with life, itself a miraculous event.

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