Natures wonders: wasps and zombie spiders (Introduction)

by BBella @, Wednesday, August 12, 2015, 04:20 (1578 days ago) @ dhw

The problem with godlike beings is that instead of asking how we got here, we find ourselves asking how they got here (or there). It just puts the question of origins back one step.

I agree it does put the question of origins back a step or two, but it could be one answer as to why many species (including our own) suddenly showed up on earth throughout earth's history. I believe in the possibility, as I've said before here, there are much older species more technologically advanced than us, who could have brought different species here at different times.

David's concept of a universal consciousness entails a mind and a purpose. As I understand it, BBella's All That Is does not have “a” mind (“a” being the operative word). An alternative, if the All That Is is creation itself, might be my hypothesis of eternal energy constantly but unconsciously transforming itself into matter - which is a form of creation - and some matter “somehow” (as nebulous as the “somehow” by which David's version of eternal energy acquired or always had consciousness) evolving consciousness within itself. Consciousness would therefore exist not as a single universal unit but as countless individual units which themselves, through matter, create more units. Evolution results in different forms of consciousness, and these may be able to communicate not only with their own kind but also with other forms.

Your above scenario, dhw, is very close to how I see the All That Is (creation itself), with possibly one exception - the "may be able to communicate". I believe all things definitely do communicate - through vibration which is the universal connection between all things as Sheldrake has brought to light with his findings. This universal connection could be called a universal consciousness in a similar way creation could be called God.

Everything, even the mind or consciousness, has it's basis or fabric of foundation rooted in the reactionary process engendered by and through vibration. Therefore all of existence is changed by change itself. When one thing changes it influences change in all that is.

This ties in neatly with symbiotic relationships, though perhaps less straightforwardly with parasitic behaviour (our friends the wasp and the spider). However, I presume from your answer, BBella, that you are not keen on the idea that a universal consciousness preprogrammed the first living cells to pass on the whole wasp/spider process to their descendants a few thousand million years later. (David has ridiculed my intelligent wasp theory, and I am simply trying to get my own back. But of course you are not obliged to respond!)

No. I don't believe a first or special person or being programmed everything at the beginning of creation to be what it is now. As I see it, all activity within creation, on any and every level, is always at work within the moment, being what it is, reacting to it's present stimuli of vibration within and without affecting all that is.

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