Natures wonder: cuttle fish survival mechanism (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Saturday, December 05, 2015, 15:09 (1547 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: When you doubted whether this canoodling couple talked about shark avoidance, you didn't really mean "talk", did you? By "cuttlespeak" I only meant whatever form of communication they used. ...I am woefully ignorant of how Kevin and Kitty “whispered” their sweet nothings

Easy. You own body responded the same way they do, pheromones.

dhw: However, I'm sure you are quite right to assume that those who hadn't heard/seen the glad tidings were more liable to be gobbled up than those who hadn't.

We may have answered the question of how the 'Cuttles' got to cuddle, but still haven't answered the question, of how they spread the message of shark avoidance technique.

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