Natures wonders: The eyes have it (Introduction)

by dhw, Tuesday, July 30, 2013, 17:56 (2399 days ago) @ Balance_Maintained

DAVID: False eyes fool predators:

Making eyes when threatened. Epigenetics at work

TONY: This is actually an interesting puzzle for the evolution debate, because one way or another, evolutionary theorist will have to admit possibilities that do not fit in with their main theory.

Natural selection would dictate that fish with the bigger eyes in a different position of their body would lead to better chance of survival, then why do the fish not have bigger eye spots all the time? Also, where or how did they develop the ability in the first place? If they never had big eye spots, how did natural select act upon something that did not exist in order to produce them? If they witnessed them on another creature, then we have to admit that fish have a higher level of cognizance than they have previously been acknowledged as having and that natural selection is able to act upon a creature by selecting a trait that another creature possess and applying it to the host creatures physiology, which grants natural selection some semblance of omnipotency. None of these things fit with evolutionary theory.

As David has pointed out, natural selection does not innovate or adapt. It only ensures the survival of whatever is useful and is the LAST stage in the process of evolution. The questions you're asking concern the source of innovation, and how it happens that different species can develop similar mechanisms. Yet again I would argue that the mechanism for innovation and adaptation is "the intelligent cell/genome" (an expression David diligently avoids using), which as a theist you can argue is God's invention. Convergence might explain why different species have devised the same solution. Why aren't the false eyes there all the time? Presumably because they are a defence mechanism used only when needed. Clint carries a gun, but he only draws it when he has to. Fish have their methods, and we have ours! What is the anti-evolutionary theory?

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